All is well. You did not come here to fix a broken world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life. And if you relax a little and let it all in, you will begin to see the Universe present you with all that you have asked for.


28 February 2010

(Ca): Ca0.3Al1.6Mg0.3Si4O10(OH )2

Calcium Bentonite Clay is Mother Nature's pharmacy. It is volcanic ash with all the impurities burned out leaving pure trace minerals. Clay is a nano crystal of highly charged electomagnetic energy from the thermodynamic heat of a volcano. It can NOT be duplicated in a laboratory. Only God can make clay.

In native form, Calcium bentonite is not a nanomaterial. It is capable of nano applications after mechanical and/or chemical processing of shearing to single-cell thickness.  Scientific investigations of nanoparticles in dietary products and particle toxicology are forefront in modern concerns of interactions with such tiny, tiny entities. Current scientific and industrial literature contain studies and reports on medical mineralogy, mineralization in cellular structures, nano-composites and more.

Most clays have a high alkaline pH. Clay is homeostatic and as such is an adaptogen that brings balance and equilibrium to the body. A balanced body can heal itself. That is what the body is designed to do when it isn't in overload and unable to filter out the build up of toxins and wastes in the body that begin causing health problems. Calcium Bentonite Clay's strength lies in its ability to adsorb and absorb, to suck into itself toxins, chemicals, viruses, molds and the bad bacteria, hold them captive within the molecule and carry them out of the body.

The electromagnetic energy of the clay stimulates circulation, bringing blood flow and oxygen to revitalize cellular repair and awaken latent cell energy.

It seems hard to believe that a simple handful of clay soil can help with so many things but it really can; in a remarkably short amount of time and with great ease it brings about swift results. The beauty of clay is it is so safe. The FDA gives Bentonite Clay a GRAS rating meaning Generally Regarded as Safe. At the same time a company cannot legally make a healing claim about clay without the million dollar testing and qualifying programs.

There is a long recorded history of animals in the wild instinctually seeking and eating clay to heal themselves. The medicine men of many aboriginal tribes have long used clay as part of their healing treatments.

The kicker is all clays are different, even within the same family of clays so it is important to know your clays. The Smectite family of clays is known for healing clays. Calcium Bentonite is a Smectite clay.

Albeit all clays have some healing potential, there are a few that are amazingly stronger than others. Some are good for internal use and others are much better for external use. A few are exceptional in both areas.

From a gentle internal cleansing to healing wounds in half the time, to stopping Acid Reflux and intestinal disorders, to stopping food poisoning, to detoxing heavy metals, to healing burns and insect bites, to mending broken bones rapidly, to relieving strained muscles, to helping skin rashes, acne and gum problems, to aiding children with Autism, to expelling internal parasites, to stopping anemia, clay is a natural replacement to most drugs with no organ damaging negative side effects.

Clay Baths are quickly becoming regarded as a safe and easy way to detox the body from heavy metals. Besides, they are very relaxing, and they relieve muscles strain and soreness. Your skin feels heavenly after the bath.

Source: Natural News

25 February 2010

Grow an Herb Spiral

I recently discovered a clever way of creating an herb spiral on Stacey's Kin's Domain. 

It's a great way to conserve water since each watering flows from the top of the spiral down to the herbs at the bottom and if done properly, they require little maintenance and can grow all year round. She even recommends creating a small pond close to it so frogs can help get rid of some of the slugs!    

The site is still in progress but please take a look if you want to learn about how to construct one.  I'm so thankful to have found her!!

Thank you Stacey!!

Synergy of Land and Water - Sepp Holzer

24 February 2010

The Great Turning


You’ve asked me to tell you of the Great Turning, of how we saved the world from disaster. The answer is both simple and complex:

We turned.

For hundreds of years we had turned
away as life on earth grew more precarious.
We turned away from the homeless men on the streets, the stench from
the river, the children orphaned in Iraq, the mothers dying of AIDS in Africa.

We turned away because that is what we had been taught.
To turn away, from the pain, from the hurt in another’s eyes, from the
drunken father or the friend betrayed. Always we were told, in actions
louder than words, to turn away, turn away. And so we became a lonely
people caught up in a world moving too quickly, too mindlessly toward its own demise.

Until it seemed as if there was no safe place to turn. No place, inside or out, that did not remind us of fear or terror, despair and loss, anger and grief.

Yet on one of those days someone did turn.

Turned to face the pain.
Turned to face the stranger.
Turned to look at the smoldering world and the hatred seething in too many eyes.
Turned to face himself, herself.

And then another turned.
And another. And another.
And as they wept, they took each other’s hands.

Until whole groups of people were turning.
Young and old, gay and straight. People of all colors, all nations, all religions.
Turning not only to the pain and hurt but to the beauty, gratitude and love.
Turning to one another with forgiveness and a longing for peace in their hearts.

At first the turning made people dizzy, even silly. There were people standing to the side gawking, criticizing, trying to knock the turners down.  But the people turning kept getting up, kept helping one another to their feet. Their Laughter and kindness brought others into the turning circle until even the naysayers began to smile and sway.

As the people turned, they began to spin, reweaving the web of life, mending the shocking tears, knitting it back together with the colors of the earth, sewing on tiny mirrors so the beauty of each person, each
creature, each plant, each life form might be seen and respected.

And as the people turned, as they spun like the earth through the universe, the web wrapped around them like a soft baby blanket, making it clear all were loved, nothing separate.  As this love reached into every crack and crevice, the people began to wake and wonder, to breathe and give thanks, to work and celebrate

And so the world was saved, but only as long as you, too, sweet one, remember to turn.

--written by Christine Fry (October 19, 2004)

16 February 2010

In the Flow

After doing so many drives around Sintra and spending time at Honbu Dojo Tenchi, I was thinking that I would like to be near the school where my kids would be attending after all & avoid the whole morning & afternoon commute.  A few days later I went shopping and on the way back home I had a sudden impulse to drive off my usual course into a neighborhood I have never been to.  I saw the sign to the progressive school being built there & followed it but didn't see anything so I made certain turns along the road as if I knew where I was going and stopped at the end of a cul de sac where there was an empty plot of land with an entrance graced with pine trees, just like at the Dojo!  I couldn't believe my eyes.

Half way into the land was a huge clover field and not much else!  It's as if I created this space by wishing for something like the dojo but near my children's school.

I drove down the street and saw a man walking around the corner.  I asked if he was the owner & he was!  He said he would sell but I had to talk to his brother who owned half of it.  We exchanged numbers and I drove off to see what else was in the neighborhood.  On the way back, I saw another man on the street and asked him if he was the co owner of the land and he said he was!  I asked him how much he wanted for the land and he said he didn't know.  He was open and wanted to meet with his brother to have a talk together.

A deep sense of happiness & gratitude washed over me.  I am amazed at the Universe for showing me this space and am waiting in anticipation of what's to come!