All is well. You did not come here to fix a broken world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life. And if you relax a little and let it all in, you will begin to see the Universe present you with all that you have asked for.


31 May 2011

I See You

 "The unseen fire we call the beloved that presence has no form, and cannot be understood or measured." - Rumi

27 May 2011

The Energy of Pure Love

With the increase of Love on this planet I now believe that we are causing all the solar showers.  We have had enough of the games, therefor catalysing this enormous shift affecting everything in the galaxy.

''The Energy of Pure Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe.  Love is energy.  It is reflected.  The Sun, the stars, the visible planets, they are all but reflectors of this energy.  The light of the Sun, which gives life to everything on the Earth, is create by human love.  In the whole Universe the energy of Love is reproduced only in the soul of Man.  It takes upward flight, becomes filtered and reflected, and pours itself forth from the planets of the Universe as beneficial light upon the Earth.'' --Anastasia

26 May 2011

A Cosmic Sub-Atomic Particle?

Could the "cosmic sap" predicted by the Mayans be a "cosmic sub-atomic particle?"
The solar system has entered an area of the galaxy that is affecting our sun.  Transformational changes in the Sun, is affecting everything on earth, including the human body and the human mind.

Remember NDE?  Many report going through the tunnel, into the Light.   Is this the magnetic portal? 

Our LifeForce, Ki, plasma energy comes from the sun, and goes back to the sun..


(23:15 He said it, they're trying to block the natural energy particles we need to develop new abilities, once we develop telepathy.  They won't be able to deceive us, they quickly lose their ability to take advantage of us, they've known it's coming.   Many resources are being used all in an attempt to hold us back...)

Anastasia, the Siberian recluse shared this information with Vladmir Megré in 1994..

25 May 2011

Legend of the Twins

When the Great Creator called the light from the void, he created a special group of what we now know to be cells. These were the source of all light, truth, and love. They carried the forces of the Creator’s heart. Being that these were so special, the Creator offered them a choice.

The choice was this, to either be the holding force of the universe, or, they could split, become two from the one, and take an incredible journey; separately develop the universe, experience it, and return home.

The Promise was that if they chose to separate, they would be together before the final shift, and that the reward for this perilous and lonely journey, would be beyond the greatest love they had ever known, to be joined back to the creator’s source of eternal love and truth.

That never again, would THE ONE be separated. They were known as THE TWINS.

Two created from the one cell of pure light. They would always know each other; and though they would rarely be together, they would be placed together before the final transition to the next level of the Creator.

They would have to go it together, they are one. If one doesn’t make the transition, the other cannot go either. The goal was to develop independently while supporting the growth of the other; even though you weren’t always aware they even existed.

The ongoing process is to love one’s self enough for both until their reunion.

So this is the story of THE TWINS--who chose service to The Universe above themselves--so that they stand together for All of Creation, as ONE PURE LOVE.


Twin Souls through Time
Whenever love splits apart, it will increase and return.
An almighty act of love produced the division of souls
and the design for their return
to each other
through increase of love.
We awaken through love.

The joy of the twin reunion is great, but it pales before the
raptures that will attend the reassembling of the group souls,
each composed of united twins.
It is our belief that the way of return is first through the spiritual development of the individual, as far as is possible in the divided state, then the union of the soul with its missing half, its twin, and then a reuniting with the group souls from which it separated long before.

The journey of the twins would take them each to many places within the creator’s universe. There were no limits or restrictions placed upon them. They have played within the kingdom until now. All twins are now present upon this planet in preparation for the shift of this planet to the next level. They know it will be soon and are taking their places to reconnect with their other half. The halves must be fitted back together.

This is the toughest part of their journey, for it seems that they have lost their way home and cannot see each other through the veils. But they will cross each other’s path, for it is in the DIVINE PLAN; and the choice will be given freely to them, it is the Creator’s way.

But without the other half, there is no whole; there is only nothingness within the void. You see, the stakes had to be high for the reward to be so great. Choice is always a gamble. The love for the other is the only true hope that they long for. It is so simple, yet it is everything. Do you think that you are here at this time by accident? That the people that are placed in your life are merely coincidences?

I have called for my twin. I have given all the love that I hold in my existence for my Beloved. I know my Beloved now as I have known him before and for always. There is only one, no maybe's.

The time of THE TWINS is NOW, for the Creator is calling to them, to remember. They are starting to come together, for it is THEIR LOVE THAT WILL SAVE THIS PLANET. They, above all the rest, understand the truth of love and its power to change things.

The twinsoul concept illumines the true mature of love and indeed perhaps the purpose of the soul on earth. The soul craves completion and return to its creative source. THIS IS THE LAW OF THE UNIVERSE.

. . . WATCH . . . the MAGIC OF THE UNIVERSE . . . go to work . . .
Twin Kiss Merge
“And when one of them meets with his other half,
the actual half of himself,
the pair is lost in an amazement of
love and friendship and intimacy
and one will not be out of the other’s sight even for a moment.”
The above twinsoul image was graphically portrayed by Plato twenty-five centuries ago, in the legend, the Symposium, where Aristophanes speaks in praise of love, relating how Zeus struck the soul into two opposite halves, each to wander the earth in search of the other.

Whenever people meet in love exchange, there is an ascension of their souls. When twin souls reunite, the ascendance is jet-propelled. THE TWINS join the God-force that draws all life upward. They are more than the sum of two; they are three.

As Plato puts it in the Symposium: “The original human nature was not like the present, but different. The sexes were not two as they are now, but originally three in number; there was man, woman, and the union of the two.” From this came the name Androgyny.

The masters affirm that we evolve through suffering until we learn to evolve through joy. The Twin Union is the security of evolution through joy.

At the Great Return, the purpose of all the divisions will be seen: the evolution of souls from the first divine spark to the splendor of full being, adding themselves to Father-Mother God in all their individual glory.

Twin souls, each returned to the androgynous union, will forever retain the two unique identities, masculine and feminine, which they evolved in the dim past, two within the one, as the one remains one within the many.

The completed souls will return to the Source in full consciousness as perfected beings, creators in their own right, expanding the consciousness of God. That is the purpose of our entire struggle on the ascent. At the summit is perfected love, every created soul loving every other.
Twin Soul Reunion
  • You met in an unlikely place when you were not even looking for a relationship.
  • When you meet you feel as if you have known this person before, perhaps long, long ago even if it wasn’t possible.
  • You can share your shadow side as well as your wonderful side with this person without them leaving you.
  • You’ve had an experience of crying in each other's arms during love making, and it felt healing.
  • You feel a magical energy between you even when touching lightly and not related to sex. (Not the same feel as “chemistry.”)
  • You have shared all of the skeletons in your closet and all the reasons why you two should not have a relationship and you still feel right for each other.
  • You finish each other's sentences.
  • You share similar life philosophies.
  • You enjoy spiritual harmony.
  • You can read each other’s thoughts.
  • You have moments of ecstasy and healing with each other for no apparent reason and not related to love making.
  • You feel that your past or last relationship prepared you for this one.
  • Even after the first ninety days together, you periodically experience a heightened sense of euphoria with each other not related to love making.
  • You share unconditional emotional honesty in every area (sex, money, career, children, and spirituality).
  • You have BOTH taken seminars, therapy, or counseling to clear up and release any remaining emotional issues from childhood and life (a.k.a. Love Barriers).

Source:  Heavenly Sedona

24 May 2011

"Return of the Divine Feminine"

 Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.   And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second's encounter with God and with eternity.
~ The Alchemist

23 May 2011

Where the Deserts are Green..

and the tales are true..that's where I keep my love for you...

Angels whisper something unreal..

22 May 2011

From the Beginning There Was You & I

''The two who are one are the secret of all power, the two who are one are the might and right in things..'' 

''and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love, friendship, and intimacy and one will not be out of the others sight even for a moment.'' 

''only one other in the entire universe can satisfy it''

..relationships based on spiritual principles, rather than man made religious dogmas..based on spiritual sacredness..

Identity and complementarity are the two driving forces and axes of love..For the complete being there must be a blending..

Within your male (twin) soul mate energy, there abides a certain frequency that is indeed identical to the same frequency found in the female (twin) soul mate energy essence..     --St. Germain

''Now experiencing the Christ consciousness within yourself loving unconditionally, that which you are as you exist and abide in your reality as this point  in time, creates the resonance within your being that attracts the identical essence.''

´´the twin flame is far more apt to find you if you place the spiritual path before all else..

´´when two twins are ready to unite as spiritual partners, the Universe will create the special forces necessary to bring them together for another moment in time.  However the search for the other must first begin as a search within each of the twins themselves before lasting reunion is possible.  

Each has to discover his or her individual spiritual nature and God - centeredness.  Then they must do their best to live it on a daily basis and foster one another's spiritual growth and evolution.  There are no dependencies in a twin soul relationship because the sense of identity has been developed within each of the partners.  

To reach that point a strong sense of self and a certain degree of internal balance and happiness must first be nurtured and achieved.   Then during reunion the essence of one simply flows into the essence of the other to create the completeness.  There is no effort involved.  They will be driven to resolve the conflicts and any past karma as quickly as possible.  Nothing is left unsaid.  Nothing is left to chance.  Assumptions never enter their mind. 

There is no pretending, there is no deception.  There is no fear of reprisal for anything they do or say because unconditional love is the foundation upon which their relationship has been built.  There is also a very sacred sense of intimacy and feeling of divinely inspired wholeness that one finds within a twin soul relationship.  

It is not by accident nor is it without purpose.   Rather it is a magnificent and loving part of our Creators plan for us.  There is no doubt that the intensity behind the twin union is more than enough to jump start the journey that will lead us back to our Source, which will happen someday.

Twin Soulship is a very highly charged partnership and the two must be spiritually ready for it to last.  When they are, their union will transcend all others.

--Twin Flame/Souls

20 May 2011

19 May 2011

Institute of Heart Math

Studies of the Institute of Heart Math open to us a new point of view toward healing, not only of human patients but also for planetary healing. The institute believes in the existence of what they started calling "hyper-communication", a type of Internet network under which all living organisms would be connected and communicated by allowing the existence of the "collective consciousness".

The Hearth Math states that if all humans were aware of the existence of this matrix of communication between living beings, and we worked on the unification of thoughts with joint objectives, we would be able to achieve unimagined, as the sudden reversal of adverse climatic processes .

The power of prayers and petitions, such as what were left by the old Essenes-powered by thousands of people, give us a power that would exceed that of any military power that would impose its will by force.

This power has been demonstrated in animal species such as dolphins, unified working on common goals. The dolphins used hyper-geometric patterns of communication, ultrasound and resonances that serve to interact with the world's energy grid. These animals have the ability to produce geometric and harmonic sonic structures under water. We could say that dolphins help more global balance of what humans do.

If God gave us power, means that he wants us, once reached a certain level of consciousness..  Let us with respect for life to be co-creators of their work.

This article has been published in the magazine ''EL PLANETA URBANO "

What are You Creating Today?

Our ultimate power is as co-creators, as IMAGE MAKERS.

We create the movie we are living in and we have been making crazy movies, subconsciously and consciously, or giving our power to others who have been making the images for us (the media, Hollywood..)  So when we reclaim this power to make life beautiful, peaceful and harmonious in the IMAGE OF GOD, in harmony with the divine dream, we begin to see that everything begins with our thoughts..

What are you creating today?

17 May 2011

Every Seed You Plant..

"Every seed you plant contains within itself an enormous amount of information about the Universe.  Nothing made by human hands can compare with this information either in size or accuracy.  Through the help of this data the seed knows the exact time, down to the millisecond, when it is to come alive, to grow, what juices it is to take from the Earth, how to make use of the rays of the celestial bodies- the Sun, Moon and stars- what it is to grow into, what fruit to bring forth.   These fruits are designed to sustain Man's life.   More powerfully and effectively than any manufactured drugs of the present and future, these fruits are capable of counteracting and withstanding any disease of the human body."

- Anastasia, from Vladimir Megre's "Anastasia"

12 May 2011

The Power of Divine Perception

perception_300This Equinox, we are concentrating with our family of Elohim as great emphasis is placed upon the development of our Power of Divine Perception.
 We are invoking the transmuting Sacred Fire from the realms of Illumined Truth to assist our passage out of the duality matrix and into the crystalline grid of our true nature.
At this time of golden opportunity, much greater responsibility is being asked of Planetary Light Servers to uproot all falsely held perceptions while deeply contemplating if our current actions are sincerely contributing to the New Creation or if they are continuing to spin the wheel of illusion. May we take a serious look at what we are doing and how we are doing it, and then make any necessary adjustments to insure absolute alignment to Divine Will and the highest service to the Earth.
The following sections gives a few ideas to support deepening processes of self inquiry.

Where is the Real Spiritual Teaching Found?

It has been prophesied by numerous sources that, in this time of planetary shift, many people including the most spiritually sincere would be lead astray. Predictions warn of many false prophets appearing on the scene. It has been said that certain energies in opposition to Earth's Divine Plan would cleverly manipulate those whose mission was to either ascend and/or to help forge the new pathways for Humanity.

Truth or fiction, all one has to do is observe the plethora of conflicting speculation about what is to come and how it will unfold. There are a growing number of people proclaiming to channel great cosmic beings. Many promote new techniques to, supposedly, instantly activate the DNA strands and even to access levels of dimension far beyond where our current shift is taking us as a collective. We have numerous teachers of Christ Consciousness who have not made the transition themselves. Much of this has a hefty price tag to partake in these often guaranteed methods to ascension.

If we have even a small understanding of the laws of nature or the initiatory pathway of soul evolution, these types of spiritual teachings and their claims are to be greatly questioned. This is especially important if the messenger still lives in duality, which the vast majority of people (and Light Servers) are.

Further, while our extra sense faculties are quickly opening and new voices are being heard, not all energy streams are benevolent. Many preying inter-dimensional entities (including mass thought-forms) are quite skilled at masking their identity to be from the light and give intelligent metaphysical information in which to purposely interfere, confuse and distract. Some of these malevolent energies can even appear to perform miracles in order to win over the faith of the crowd. There are many people, including those among us, who are totally unaware that they are being used as a host for shadow forces.

In the type of transition that we are making today, the great Divine Beings who are in assistance to the race are, most often, making direct contact through the Law of Impression. This type of radiation is received by the human senses and then comprehended through our Divine Intuition. It is only through the clarity of a balanced, peaceful mind and the selfless purity of a humble heart that we are able to be reached in this very safe and assured method of pure energy transference.

The Great Ones come to us... not with faces or emphasis upon their individual identification, but as a collective Cosmic Christ force-field and one consciousness representing the mind and heart of God. This unified consciousness delivers guidance and messaging to the Planetary Light Servers who are also bonded in group formation as one collective consciousness with resonant intention.

From Earth to the farthest reaches of the Universe, all life is in a grand bridging process of unification... from the One, with the One, as the One. We are leaving the world of personalization.

As sincere seekers of Truth, may we contemplate that the greatest, most authentic teachings always come from within and as a result of our total self sacrifice to the Will of God. Our Truth will always change in accordance to the expanding levels of self realization. In evolution, we cannot ever skip any of the necessary steps associated with our own level of soul initiation, no matter how much light is entering on to the planet.
All is guided, and only guided by the I AM God Presence of our being.

Leaving Duality or Feeding Duality?

Most everyone reading this communication has made a commitment to the return to Oneness. We all yearn for that, yes, but how many of us can truly release the " i " from the equation? How many of us can let go of all perceptions of the self identity and its desires, completely? How many of us can walk away from everything that is not aligned to Divine Truth?

According to every great way-shower before us, this is what it takes to truly liberate ourselves, and the world, from the matrix of opposition and suffering.

It is the duality within us that is in resistance to another aspect of itself due to a mindset still perceiving from polar opposites. From this perception, we formulate self attaching desires and opinions; all from the separated self. As the pendulum of thought swings in one direction, it always comes back to the opposite direction to balance the pole. This is the Law of Duality. Imagine if we carry strong views. The further the pendulum swings in favor of our view, the more intense its action is on the other extreme.

Good and Evil are Interdependent

Another important example to look at is the interdependency of good and evil at the level of human emotion. If our perceptions are constantly exaggerated upon the concept of  goodness... being good, doing good, doing the right thing, overly positive, everything is love and light... then, the pendulum always swings back to the other side to bring balance. 

In an overemphasizing effort to do good, as this comes from a binding emoting attachment, we are essentially feeding the other side of the pole (evil) due to the balancing nature that happens. This could be what "eating from the Tree of Good and Evil" is all about!

The same illustration can be used for other polarities as a result of imbalanced thought and feeling perceptions. We can contemplate peace and war, love and hate, right and wrong, heaven and hell...

This tendency to go off in one of two opposite directions along the same spectrum of polarity, is how the false matrix has been continually fed and maintained throughout our being and our world. Some people have described this distortion as the programming of the alter ego, or, Lucifer's agenda.

It is this dual nature within us that we can more deeply cognize in order to halt the extreme movements of the swinging pendulum.

Walking the Middle Way
"When we make the two into one, then we enter the Kingdom."
Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas

The Source of all is God, or, Oneness. This means that all pairs of opposites have the same foundation. Light and dark are from the same Source. Good and evil are from the same Source. While different in frequency, they live on the same polarity spectrum, are extreme manifestations of the exact same energy and are deeply interdependent upon the other at the human level.

Divine Truth just might lie in the absolute middle... in complete neutrality... neither negative nor positive.... zero charge. Divine Truth is not for or against anything, it just IS. This may be why the Buddha taught his disciples to walk the "Middle Way".

Our complete transcendence from duality is paramount to help bring about the new creations that are needed in the world today. When we focus all of our thoughts, words and actions on the highest good of all (whether good, bad or indifferent) we are operating in alignment with the Universe, and we begin to live, perceive and create from the Divine Consciousness within.

Know God to know Thy Self

May we all be blessed with much deeper union with God. Divine Love knows no opposite. By placing all attention to be consciously merged with this Source of our power, with this Source of our every action, we can more easily transcend the illusion of separated identity.

May we contemplate full acceptance of evil, hate and darkness also as God and also as who we are. May we enfold it all into our heart, forgiving all of our past misunderstandings and sufferings. Likewise, let's return all of our overly positive exuberances, noble causes and exaggerated spiritual ideals to a calm middle ground.

One of our greatest services to our race is to simply be a bright beacon and neutralizing pillar while selflessly invoking Divinity... to be in this world, but not of it.

Children of the Sun

11 May 2011

Pure Love

''When pure love blossoms in the absence of need, it allows us to experience the other as a beloved.  When the heart is open, meetings with beloveds can happen anywhere and everywhere for they depend on 'essence' alone, not on external information.''


10 May 2011

''A New Seed'' by Liubomila

I awoke one fine morn' in my Space of Love,
And took a dawn's walk among morning mist and dew.
Father's gentle caress came by way of a soft breeze,
And I said, "What shall we create anew?"

Just then my feet gave way, shifting Earth first left then right,
Something glimmered and shined in the faint sun light,
As I moved closer in to examine this playful delight,
Lo' and behold a new seed came into view of my sight.

Tiny as a pine nut, fragrant as a flower, a new creation in hand!
"What will this be, oh Father dear?" I whispered as I cried.
Then a voice so gentle and so sweet as I had never heard,
Warmed my heart while my soul sighed.

"She shall be what you shall make her,
All is within you to create.
With pure love as your guide and pure thought as your maker,
You shall decide its fate."

Inspiration burst forth as I felt an image form,
A tree majestic as a maple I could see,
But its bark was of bamboo; maple leaves not the norm,
Instead lilies of the valley adorned this tree.

All summer long these flowers bloomed,
Their gorgeous fragrance filled the air.
And in the backdrop of an evening sky,
Each flower lit up as if a star so rare.

What sheer Joy this image created, a delight for every eye to behold.
And as I found a perfect place for it to grow,
The sun's rays warmed my new seed more precious than gold!

Your Own Personally Directed Economy

''Do your own thing and you will have your own personally directed economy. You don’t have to be affected by the economy around you. The economy is not an actual tangible and fixed thing. The economy of a nation is the sum total of the personal economies of each individual within that nation. And an individual’s personal economy is simply the reflection of their beliefs and actions. Any economy, then, is simply a reflection of the beliefs of the participants. The stock market reflects the beliefs of the investors and the beliefs that hold together all the internal functions of the companies on the stock market (which gives the companies their valuation).  Watch what happens to an economy after a major news announcement on television. For example, today, houses could have an average value of €200,000, for example. Then, tonight, some newscaster may come and stress on how bad the economy is and dump a whole host of bad news. All at the same time, millions of viewers will be convinced that things really are bad. Tomorrow, the same houses are unable to fetch €130,000 just because popular beliefs have been altered!

The houses aren’t destroyed or changed in anyway. In fact, to an outsider who didn’t watch the news, the world looks the same as it did the day before. But suddenly these houses’ value is gone! It is amazing how much influence the media has on people’s economies just by changing their beliefs within minutes. A problem that could have been contained to affecting just a few people can spread to affect millions of people simply because of the nightly news. Having your own personally directed economy means that you will have to start maintaining your own vision regardless of what you hear in the news; don’t react to it as usual. It isn’t necessarily complete, true, or even applicable.  The news is simply as statement of what happened, according to one perspective.   It doesn’t have to lead to anything else unless you choose it. But now you begin to see the amazing power of the media; the ability to move an entire nation in a certain direction simply by spreading a piece of news.  This power only works when the viewers agree to believe the news..''