All is well. You did not come here to fix a broken world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life. And if you relax a little and let it all in, you will begin to see the Universe present you with all that you have asked for.


23 April 2011

Be Fearless and Pure

"Be fearless and pure; never waver in your determination or your dedication to the spiritual life.  Give freely.  Be self-controlled, sincere, truthful, loving, and full of the desire to serve...Learn to be detached and to take joy in renunciation.  Do not get angry or harm any living creature, but be compassionate and gentle; show good will to all.  Cultivate vigor, patience, will, purity; avoid malice and pride.  Then, you will achieve your destiny."- Krishna

18 April 2011

Change Your Words, Change Your Life

This short film illustrates the power of words to radically change your message and your effect upon the world. At Purplefeather we provide powerful, optimised web content to get you noticed online. Homage to Historia de un letrero, The Story of a Sign by Alonso Alvarez Barreda Music by: Giles Lamb Filmed by Director Seth Gardner.

Cast: Bill Thompson, Beth Miller

16 April 2011

Letter to Kin

artwork by Stephanie Pui Mun

Where else do you find people who are so full of hope and empowered with such holistic knowledge of credible and achievable solutions, to restore the Earth and Humanity to its pristine origins within a few generations?   Where else do we find such comprehensive detail of how humanity can thrive in abundance and love?

We are truly blessed for being open to the gift of knowledge we all carry.  It's time to share it, to shine our light and to tell people there is a way.  To show people how kind we are, how caring and sharing we are because we are confidant in our dreams becoming real.
Many of us are suffering in these times for shedding the old heavy cloaks of dis empowerment is no easy journey.  We are the ''strongest of the strong", and we are born during this time for a reason and we CAN re emerge and shine our Light on the world with our inspiration and hope.

The quickest way to feel better about anything is to just be grateful for what is and look around you and see who you can Love, who you can help and who you can give hope to.  It's an instant remedy for pain and sadness.  In your giving you receive so much from the Universe for returning yourself to the flow of Love.

Things may be challenging for a few more years, but we are forging the paths of possibility by continuing to dream, connect and inspire each other and we must only keep walking towards that bright dream and reach out to each other and there will come a time when people will say, "How did you know what to do?   How did you know that we are to live in harmony? 

Where did you find these solutions?"

And what do you think we might say?

"Well there was these books.. I read them and they changed my life. The wisdom contained in them was a gift from our ancient ancestors who preserved a living wisdom in one surviving family line living deep in the forest of a remote part of the Earth.  And when it was time, the living wisdom was shared with all so we could act upon it.  AND WE DID."

YOU are very important.

WE are the RETURN OF the Ancestors.  Their wisdom lives on through Us.  We just needed One who never went to sleep to wake us up to what is already inside of us.  And now it is time to live that wisdom.

We KNOW how.

Hollow Earth Theory 3D HD Version

Worth pondering over, do not trust G*****Earth, they have blocked the poles.

01 April 2011