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15 September 2009

Our General Diet

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I started giving my kids up to a 90% raw diet and I see such a big difference in their energy levels and appearance.   They are vibrant and bubbly - happy go lucky everyday. Energizer bunnies are no match to their robust staminas.  I do add more cooked foods for lunch for the little one so that he naps in the afternoons or else I go bonkers by the end of the day.

Spinach, mango or banana & berry smoothie with a fresh piece of aloe vera; whole grain toast with organic butter or oatmeal with cinnamon and raw honey. Organic pastas are cooked but the sauce isn't & 'hamburgers' made out of ground walnuts or soaked sunflower seeds, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, celtic sea salt & organic herbs. 

I also give them free range egg yolks sunny side up and once in a while organic milk or yogurt. I don't worry about their calcium intake since they get a liberal amount through fresh greens and sesame seeds that I sprinkle in a lot of their meals.  This way of eating totally takes away their sweet tooth and I give them ''junk food'' only on weekends, letting them have as much as they want but they stop after a few pieces so that makes me very happy.  I can't believe I am doing all this because I always ate at restaurants before I settled down and had kids. 

And I finally let go of the expensive Shiseido and Chanel products and use organic virgin coconut oil to moisturize and I am just as pleased with the results.  If only I had known this before, I could have saved some serious money that was spent on vanity purposes the last 20 years!  And we get enough vitamin D because we are out in the sun without sunscreen in the mornings or afternoons for at least an hour or more and we haven't been sick for about a year or longer.

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