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25 September 2010

My Spiritual Awakening Continues

Since July I thought I was on a carefree summer holiday, only to realize I was going through an intensive spiritual cleansing.  I have actively let go of old patterns and relationships, becoming much more sensitive to everything around me.  For instance as I left the beautiful nature in the northern most tip of this country and went south, closer to home, I felt the energies and the commotion of the people through my spirit and felt myself shutting down my senses.  It was my nervous system protecting itself trying to preserve the peace and clarity inside me.

Then after 2 weeks of expending intense energy adapting my kids to the new schedule and making many shopping trips, I have fallen into fatigue since 3 days ago, bordering on depression.  I am tired of this modern society and its trappings but I know it will change.  It disturbs me that I am hearing voices again, telling me to drop whatever I have in my hand and to make a clean jump over the veranda three stories down.

I am experiencing an amplification of the senses.  The smell of cigarette smoke from one lonely neighbor who writes poetry to the faint perfume from another is amplified to the point of life and death passing.  The rug and my sons bed that is actually a year old was even bothering me to the point that I had to air it out for some days. 

There are forces at work, causing me to slow down and simplify even change and re examine my plans for my family and fine tune them.  These are forces I cannot ignore for they awaken my sense of love and compassion for all.  Synchronistic events are showing up again and I am anticipating daily miracles. 

In hindsight, The Ringing Cedars series gave me sudden insights about many events from the past.  It intensified my sensitivity and knowing.  I see people's true form, all the time now.  I became emotionally, physically, psychologically, and spiritually stronger and clearer. 

For the first time I embraced the summer season and I look forward to meditating on the beauty that autumn brings.  In the winter I will delight in the cold weather and seeing my boys play in the snow.  And come spring I will experience the rebirth of the new flower buds as if they were my own children.  Yes, I do feel closer to all living things now. 

Speaking of children, I am doing everything I can to be a good mom and I still can't help but feel like something is amiss..that I am passing time, waiting for a clearing of some kind.  My 5 year old has been acting like something is about to happen.  He is constantly on the go and has started chewing his nails and even the skin off his fingertips.  He is picking up on what I am going through.  I have bursts of creativity but feel chaotic and am not able to focus at the moment.  I stopped worrying about everything and now fear nothing.  I am physically manifesting thoughts and desires more quickly and efficiently now.

Although we look like we are back to our old life, everything feels new and altered.  The other day I discovered the movie called La Belle Verte which seems to bluntly capture the essence of The Ringing Cedars series and yesterday I discovered Emanuehl.  He reminded me that we are much more than a physical body and to accelerate our frequency, frequently back into Light.   

It's all in perfect timing since I have been seeking to raise my vibrational frequency.  I can no longer function at where I was at anymore and I wish to connect with souls of like heart and minds to help usher in the emerging new world.  And I feel lighter now that I have finally written things that have been swirling in my head for weeks!  My left brain has been foggy for some time, while my right brain has been working overtime!

To be continued..

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