All is well. You did not come here to fix a broken world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life. And if you relax a little and let it all in, you will begin to see the Universe present you with all that you have asked for.


25 May 2011

Legend of the Twins

When the Great Creator called the light from the void, he created a special group of what we now know to be cells. These were the source of all light, truth, and love. They carried the forces of the Creator’s heart. Being that these were so special, the Creator offered them a choice.

The choice was this, to either be the holding force of the universe, or, they could split, become two from the one, and take an incredible journey; separately develop the universe, experience it, and return home.

The Promise was that if they chose to separate, they would be together before the final shift, and that the reward for this perilous and lonely journey, would be beyond the greatest love they had ever known, to be joined back to the creator’s source of eternal love and truth.

That never again, would THE ONE be separated. They were known as THE TWINS.

Two created from the one cell of pure light. They would always know each other; and though they would rarely be together, they would be placed together before the final transition to the next level of the Creator.

They would have to go it together, they are one. If one doesn’t make the transition, the other cannot go either. The goal was to develop independently while supporting the growth of the other; even though you weren’t always aware they even existed.

The ongoing process is to love one’s self enough for both until their reunion.

So this is the story of THE TWINS--who chose service to The Universe above themselves--so that they stand together for All of Creation, as ONE PURE LOVE.


Twin Souls through Time
Whenever love splits apart, it will increase and return.
An almighty act of love produced the division of souls
and the design for their return
to each other
through increase of love.
We awaken through love.

The joy of the twin reunion is great, but it pales before the
raptures that will attend the reassembling of the group souls,
each composed of united twins.
It is our belief that the way of return is first through the spiritual development of the individual, as far as is possible in the divided state, then the union of the soul with its missing half, its twin, and then a reuniting with the group souls from which it separated long before.

The journey of the twins would take them each to many places within the creator’s universe. There were no limits or restrictions placed upon them. They have played within the kingdom until now. All twins are now present upon this planet in preparation for the shift of this planet to the next level. They know it will be soon and are taking their places to reconnect with their other half. The halves must be fitted back together.

This is the toughest part of their journey, for it seems that they have lost their way home and cannot see each other through the veils. But they will cross each other’s path, for it is in the DIVINE PLAN; and the choice will be given freely to them, it is the Creator’s way.

But without the other half, there is no whole; there is only nothingness within the void. You see, the stakes had to be high for the reward to be so great. Choice is always a gamble. The love for the other is the only true hope that they long for. It is so simple, yet it is everything. Do you think that you are here at this time by accident? That the people that are placed in your life are merely coincidences?

I have called for my twin. I have given all the love that I hold in my existence for my Beloved. I know my Beloved now as I have known him before and for always. There is only one, no maybe's.

The time of THE TWINS is NOW, for the Creator is calling to them, to remember. They are starting to come together, for it is THEIR LOVE THAT WILL SAVE THIS PLANET. They, above all the rest, understand the truth of love and its power to change things.

The twinsoul concept illumines the true mature of love and indeed perhaps the purpose of the soul on earth. The soul craves completion and return to its creative source. THIS IS THE LAW OF THE UNIVERSE.

. . . WATCH . . . the MAGIC OF THE UNIVERSE . . . go to work . . .
Twin Kiss Merge
“And when one of them meets with his other half,
the actual half of himself,
the pair is lost in an amazement of
love and friendship and intimacy
and one will not be out of the other’s sight even for a moment.”
The above twinsoul image was graphically portrayed by Plato twenty-five centuries ago, in the legend, the Symposium, where Aristophanes speaks in praise of love, relating how Zeus struck the soul into two opposite halves, each to wander the earth in search of the other.

Whenever people meet in love exchange, there is an ascension of their souls. When twin souls reunite, the ascendance is jet-propelled. THE TWINS join the God-force that draws all life upward. They are more than the sum of two; they are three.

As Plato puts it in the Symposium: “The original human nature was not like the present, but different. The sexes were not two as they are now, but originally three in number; there was man, woman, and the union of the two.” From this came the name Androgyny.

The masters affirm that we evolve through suffering until we learn to evolve through joy. The Twin Union is the security of evolution through joy.

At the Great Return, the purpose of all the divisions will be seen: the evolution of souls from the first divine spark to the splendor of full being, adding themselves to Father-Mother God in all their individual glory.

Twin souls, each returned to the androgynous union, will forever retain the two unique identities, masculine and feminine, which they evolved in the dim past, two within the one, as the one remains one within the many.

The completed souls will return to the Source in full consciousness as perfected beings, creators in their own right, expanding the consciousness of God. That is the purpose of our entire struggle on the ascent. At the summit is perfected love, every created soul loving every other.
Twin Soul Reunion
  • You met in an unlikely place when you were not even looking for a relationship.
  • When you meet you feel as if you have known this person before, perhaps long, long ago even if it wasn’t possible.
  • You can share your shadow side as well as your wonderful side with this person without them leaving you.
  • You’ve had an experience of crying in each other's arms during love making, and it felt healing.
  • You feel a magical energy between you even when touching lightly and not related to sex. (Not the same feel as “chemistry.”)
  • You have shared all of the skeletons in your closet and all the reasons why you two should not have a relationship and you still feel right for each other.
  • You finish each other's sentences.
  • You share similar life philosophies.
  • You enjoy spiritual harmony.
  • You can read each other’s thoughts.
  • You have moments of ecstasy and healing with each other for no apparent reason and not related to love making.
  • You feel that your past or last relationship prepared you for this one.
  • Even after the first ninety days together, you periodically experience a heightened sense of euphoria with each other not related to love making.
  • You share unconditional emotional honesty in every area (sex, money, career, children, and spirituality).
  • You have BOTH taken seminars, therapy, or counseling to clear up and release any remaining emotional issues from childhood and life (a.k.a. Love Barriers).

Source:  Heavenly Sedona


  1. Hi there, I feel so blessed, As I have met my soul twin, it has real awakened my soul, it feels extraordinary

  2. The mysteries of life are gently wispering, the words of the universe soothing my soul, collective evolution is happening all around us, you my like minded friend are one who is spreading light and love and that is beautiful.

  3. It is my heartfelt duty and mission to increase and facilitate Light on this beautiful Planet! Thank you ksummer for your presence~*