All is well. You did not come here to fix a broken world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life. And if you relax a little and let it all in, you will begin to see the Universe present you with all that you have asked for.


23 July 2010

HEAVEN'S LETTER #3516 - Where Life May Take You


God said:

Poetry is a necessity. Poetry gives you glimpses of truth. There is poetry in dance and in music and the way a young child looks at you.

Material reality can carry you only so far. It keeps your nose to the grindstone. Poetry lifts you and gives you a higher and wider vision. Poetry is a leap to Truth, even when it is not understood. There is more to life than understanding. Even not understanding poetry is a beautiful thing. Not understanding allows you to gaze in wonder and to know there is something more than the daily routine of life.

When you look into the eyes of a loved one, you are seeing poetry and coming so close to it. We can say that the rails your life rides on are poetry. You may prefer limericks to great poetry, yet jokes that make you laugh have their effect on you the same way that poetry does. Jokes too take you out of the humdrum. They stretch you between the story and its surprise ending. Jokes too skip parts that suddenly get filled in, and you leap out of ordinary everyday thinking.

You cannot live on one plane alone. You have a need for more than one plane of existence because more than one plane of existence does exist. Creature comforts are well and good, and yet they are not enough. The ordinary world is simply not enough for hearts made in Heaven.

What you seek is yours to seek and to have. What your heart aches for, your heart deserves.
Remember now that in poetry and in humor, there is surprise. There has to be surprise. There has to be the unexpected. There has to be the more wonderful than you even dreamed of. Be available. Don't read or write in all small print.

When you are riding in a car, you do not insist about which route the car will take. You may not fully grasp the car's destination either, yet you are going for a ride. This is the ride of a lifetime I speak of.  Along the way, you do see spectacular signs of what is to come. Heaven letters are one of those signs.

Springtime is. Life is filled with these signs. Marvel at them.

In order for you to marvel at the turns your life takes, you have to be innocent. Innocence is openness to what you see. If you are sure you know the route and what it must look like, you may stall the car you're riding in. Innocence, openness, not knowing how everything should be - these are the key to joy in life.

If you hold up a photograph of what your route must to look like, you are looking for life to match your photograph, and so you miss the sights. If you turn your head around to see where the car has gone instead of what is in front of you, you also miss the sights. A back view prevents you from seeing where you are now.

Consider your life a beautiful Unknown, and be open to it. Consider it an adventure. It is not a task. An adventure is not all laid out. On an adventure, you make discoveries along the way. You cannot predict all the ins and outs. Why predict when there is something wonderful out there for you that you could not predict?

It is not necessary to hold on so hard to the wheel of life. The car you ride on to Me has no seat belt. Don't hold on so tight. In this ride of a lifetime, you are free of restriction, and you are full of life and the possibilities where life may lead you.

 Brenda Tenerelli

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