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20 July 2010

Transcending the Time-Space Continuum

As our planetary body has shifted into a higher frequential oscillation, we too have been quickened in our molecular spin ratios. With so many of us accelerating as a unified harmonic, we are now catapulting into the fields of multi-dimension. We are more easily perceiving and consciously experiencing parallel realities, sister dimensions and merging timelines which is essential to our planetary service work.

With ability to travel outside of the time-space construct, we can partner with Gaia and on-going Earth changes in much deeper intimacy for the greater dimensional shifts to occur within the entire holographic field overlay and prior to some of these events actually happening. (This is likened to what a healer does in focusing first upon the outer energetic or etheric body of a person which then transforms the denser physical form.)

As we work outside of the formed, linear continuum, we find that this is one of the greatest influencing factors to shift mass consciousness, prophecy and other unwanted rising potentials that carry destructive qualities.

We collapse time by experiencing our desired, most perfect reality in each moment. Every moment that we collapse time, the linear and more polarized reality around us is altered. This is why it is essential to continuously vision and radiate the patterns of perfection for our self, every person, place and situation.

Imagine how effortlessly the current dense Earth reality can dissolve and the new reality simultaneously emerge, when thousands of us operate in this way. With our focus and our life constantly living New Earth vision, we are constantly collapsing time by experiencing future golden realities in this Eternal Now.

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