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07 August 2011

Building Rhythm in the Oneness


Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation  


Rhythm in the Oneness         

  • Building Daily Rhythm with Group Soul     
  • One Field of Energy with the Masters      
  • August Astro Alignments         
  • The Courage of Service   
  • Grid Transmissions, Saturday August 13

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Full Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions
Saturday, August 13

August Energy and Astro Alignments

The past is fading gracefully into the ethers as we pirouette with our Earth Mother in a rhythmic dance, ebbing and flowing with the new cycles of life. In this recent turning of the tide, we find that our changing rhythm follows a slower breath, a softer stride. 

Our Sun is blessing us in pure cosmic light right down to our very atoms. We are experiencing the birth of the "New Solar Human".

How will we use this blessing of new light? 
Gather your courage and make the leap!

  The Rhythm of One


We feel the activating cosmic pressure continuing to build, both within and without. If we go deeper, we feel the constant rhythm impressing the background of our consciousness. This pulsation emits a Knowing... the light of God never fails and we are this light.

The Soul's internal rhythm is constant and very cyclic, as all else on Earth and in the cosmos. As we continually adjust to all the changes, we begin to realize that there is a Divine Rhythm which carries everything. A waves flows in, there is a big stimulation that occurs and then it flows out, as sure and as inevitable as the immutable laws of nature.

These rhythmic impulses are increasing now at a much greater speed as the downward surge of transforming light meets the upward flows of our collective aspirations. We only have to tune into these penetrating waves to understand that there is a new type of pressure flowing through, ever so gracefully and in purposed Perfection.

It is within these surging pulsations of Divine Grace that we want to maintain our momentum as much as possible. It is why there is more emphasis on entering the silence, meditation and our sacred attunements to cultivate the art of being, the new yoga of our time.

So how do we arrive into this freedom of transcendental awareness away from outer world noise and clutter and our own inner thoughts and mind chatter?  We can start by slowing down and establishing new and purposeful rhythms.

Building Daily Group Rhythm

Group Rhythm is a primary key to maintaining our ascending focus as things in the outer world fall away. Building stabilized unity has been the high purpose of our bi-monthly new and full moon Planetary Grid Transmissions through the crystalline matrix. It is now time to expand this activity into a focused and intentional daily flow.

We are encouraging everyone to begin each morning with the intention of connecting into Group Soul to consciously amplify the radiatory affect of our magnetic field. This gift of stronger magnetic presence substantially increases our ability to draw forth and manifest all that we imagine and require, as this energy is drawn from the zero point field of the enlightened Group Consciousness.

We are seeing ourselves as one breathing organism. If one of us (a cell unit) is not functioning, we can assist instantaneously merely through our constant connection to the group forcefield. This forcefield, being attuned within the crystalline frequencies of impeccability, is programmed with our new Divine Blueprint and the codes of the immaculate concept for everyone.

Awaken with the Sun!

Let's rise together with the first rays of the Sun and to firstly enter into the yoga of Union to acknowledge the Great I AM, our own internal Sun Presence and our Group Soul. Call forth the sustained telepathic connection with the Group to support everyone throughout the entire day. It is now our nature to expect synchronicity and intuition to guide and support our every thought, feeling and action.  

Awakening just before the dawn when it still remains dark and the atmosphere is mystically clear is profoundly invigorating for Soul communion. There is a great depth of silence both inwardly and outwardly making it much easier to connect to the stillness and sacred rhythms of new life.

How are we waking up? To what is our first focus being given?

We Serve as One Field of Energy with the Masters

We are now exiting the world of personalization. The Great Ones come to us... not with faces, emphasis upon their individual identification or with "story", but as One Consciousness representing the mind and heart of Creation. This unified consciousness delivers guidance and messaging to the Planetary Light Servers who are also bonded in group formation as one collective consciousness in service to the Divine Plan.  

The Ascended Masters love rhythm and they work through the established flows of group formations to carry out their own focuses upon the Earth. Through our rhythmically conscious group connection, the Masters can always reach us as their needed conveyor.

Lets keep our group forcefield always charged and ready to serve the realms of illumined Truth. Everything now is of  an urgent matter, "all hands on deck" so to speak! This is why it is so important that we are not caught up in needless chatter and non essential activities. This only creates interference and then, we cannot be reached and used in service. It is a time of deep inner communion and holding the maturity of silent sacred space. 

We have Responsibility to the Group Soul

The Group Soul is our more authentic self and it is where we may find the greater strength, fortitude and the peace of knowing that all is in the perfection of Divine Flow.

What we focus on truly becomes our reality and quite quickly now. We have to be very careful because our collective field is a lot stronger and our thoughts are instantaneously manifesting, affecting the entire collective consciousness of "Planetary Light Server".

When we each experience great expansion, in some small but profound manner, the entire Group benefits.  As we go forward, questions of self such as "Will my action tend to the Group good? Will the Group suffer or hurt if I do this action?"  

Abiding by these actions will gradually become part of our I AM Race consciousness and our new civilization will adjust itself to these new conditions.


With love from the Rhythm of One,

Children of the Sun Foundation


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