All is well. You did not come here to fix a broken world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life. And if you relax a little and let it all in, you will begin to see the Universe present you with all that you have asked for.


25 August 2011

Locking in the Zero Point Quantum Field


Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation  


Locking in the Zero Point Quantum Field    

  • The Crossing Over Process has Begun     
  • The Zero Point Field Emerges   
  • Accessing the Mother Creatrix  
  • Locking in the New Vibration 
  • Shifting the Timeline... through Focus! 
  • Grid Transmissions, Monday August 29

A Shamanic Rainforest Journey, inspired by the Call of the Toucans!


    Entering The Mother Creatrix ~
    The Zero Point Field of Unity Consciousness
    Mp3 Audio Support 
    Planetary Grid Transmissions ~ New Moon ~ August 29


The Crossing Over Process has Begun!

Locking in the Zero Point Quantum Field


The veils are thinning and the constant outpouring of cosmic light reveals another timeline to the rainbow warriors who are fearlessly maneuvering the storms. This mega whirl blowing in now requires us to choose which matrix of energy we will be attuned as the greater shifts take place. 
The astounding work we are doing has reached a pinnacle point of a much higher arc of light as an enlightened collective. There have been numerous accounts coming in from light servers who are experiencing a type of "crossing over" process, one that is tapping into a new quantum field and remaining within it for extended periods of time. It has been consistently described as a seamless and all too familiar space of "no time" where peace and clarity fill a suspended, most blissful void.  
It is evident that the portals into the New Earth reality are opening and it is now a process of getting us and everyone on to and across the bridge! 

The Zero Point Field Emerges 

This quantum field of energy is now more pronounced, as it merges simultaneously with the old, subtlety and gracefully, yet, with a completely different pattern. It is non linear. It is not controlled by time and it is not entered through formulas and spin ratios. Its benevolent pulse is constant and most lovingly uplifting. When we enter into its rhythm, everything of a stressful nature quickly drops away as if nothing ever mattered anyway. No praying is required because all prayers are already heard before they are even prayed. It simply knows.

It is another consciousness octave that, through the acceleration, it brings all who enter it into a seeming decelerated state of... suspension. Could this be the Zero Point field that we are entering and that we have heard so much about?

As we make passage into this deeper ecology of consciousness, some of us are experiencing a type of slowing down and de-spiraling on the inner realms. The mirrored projection is pure peace, outside of any confining structures. It is a creative stream of energy that allows for spontaneous manifestation, yet, not through our thoughts but through a destined and willed akashic force. The Law of Attraction, as we have known it, becomes null and void.

As we advance our consciousness, we become more sensitively attuned to this quantum field of Divine Potential. Through our expanding intuitive and telepathic capabilities from the developing right brain, we are more easily connecting to this field and living harmoniously attuned to the rhythm of One. 

Accessing this Mother Creatrix  

orchidDevoting time in sacred quietude helps us to remember the real. We can more easily sense the oneness rhythm while becoming an observer to everything else. Illusions naturally drop away. It is a simply a matter of being constantly focused towards and tuned into the "Mother Creatrix", the creative matrix of energy which permeates our awareness, filling the in-between spaces. Becoming more tangible now, this all encompassing field of energy is what propels seeming miracles and unexplained demonstrable phenomenon in these evolutionary times.

"Tuning in" is making contact with the information that's already present and has always been present. We become one with it through vibration and harmonic resonance. We often get in the way of our ability to tune in because the mind is constantly trying to figure it out! What we call "thinking" is mostly linear and rational.

This energy field works much differently as no thinking effort is required. Some of our most profound "knowings" or big "a-haa" moments come at unexpected times, when we are automatically tuned in without trying or forcing the energy.

Locking in the New Vibration  

Many of us are now swaying in and out of this quantum field and accessing it mostly through meditation and random intuitive experiences. It easily slips aways especially when our attention goes into the mundane of daily life.

The challenge before us now is to lock in the vibration and master the ability to be in this new field of energy 24/7, every moment! This is how we can eventually walk the streets as Avatars, consistently accessing our knowing and creating spontaneously for the sake of wayshowing others to the bridge of understanding. 
The question becomes... HOW to lock in this new vibratory field?

As always, it is different for everyone and each of us will have our own unique way of raising our light quotient as this is then supported by the Group Forcefield and our combined magnetic cohesion. The most important thing right now, is that we place our highest priority and singular group focus upon this grand opportunity before us now. 

Following are ways that we are locking in the expanded experiences of this quantum field....

Through Centering and Remembering     
Staying centered, in balance and allowing what is developing to come forward is my constant practice. There is no mind, just allowing the inner knowing and opening into what is the truth within.  Through focus, I am accessing the Pineal Gland as a connecting center to Source and being present with our fully realized Higher Self and nothing else.  For me, there is no more need for rituals, praying, invoking, asking... only Being, Knowing and Remembering. It is a discipline right now to consciously remain in these alignments at all times.   Rhajarani Jewel  

Through Love and the Rhythm of One

By locking in the vibration of love to keep the focus combined with the breath, silence and consciously attuning to the rhythm of One, I am able to experience another reality. It is life sustaining, free and clean where all is perfect. Tuning into this new field of energy and becoming it, in vibration, became an experience of oneness with the telepathic connection that my heart wished to experience. To keep this vibration locked in, I've had to go deeper into letting go and recreate more alignment in my life by giving more love where the contrasts and static exists.  ~ Hope DeVenuto  

Through Nature and Listening

tiara-ningI have made a radical departure from familiar grids and moved into the rainforest to have a more intimate connection with Mother Earth. Quality time in nature assists me with the deeper contemplation to help realize and then actualize the new rhythms. I am observing the elements, the ecology, the weather, the animals... and really listening to the messages. The plants and animals who are evolving with us seem to be locked in perfectly to the oneness vibe. I am in a timeless matrix which pulses the so called "new reality", yet, it always has been here.  ~ Tiara Kumara

Through Opening and Emptying 
garyI start each morning with a opening and an emptying... allowing the Divine Will to flow through and support the merge into Oneness. I feel a resonance in my heart that mirrors up to my pineal gland... as though the Divine Blueprint is building a stronger, more resilient channel/bridge between these two points, allowing for a expanded sense of the Heart-Mind. I find myself having to remind myself that I no longer have to connect "outwardly" to the Grid or to all of you... for all is here and now and ONE. It is an interesting shift in perception. We ARE the Architects of the New Earth! Lock and Load!   Gary Gottselig    

Through Self Responsibility
gayAll the aspects of our I AM from every lifetime on this planet are all lining up right now and are all being integrated into one whole and holy I AM that I AM. So, all imbalances are on the table to be cleared.  Up until only a few years ago, I was constantly dealing with some aspect of chaos.  It is hard to say exactly what shifted in me but there was a lot of love and forgiveness involved and just the understanding that I had to own it all.  With these new energies, manifestation is instantaneous and if we are living in chaos, we must look within as, we are the chaos and we have created it.  When we see this, we merge in oneness with the chaos and it completely changes our vibrational resonance field, instantly. 
~ Gay Liberty

The Constancy of Focus

In the recent transmission, we introduced the importance of Silence... then... building rhythm in the Oneness. Now, we are encouraged to develop a greater constancy of FOCUS to really stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zones and what is familiar. This is the courage that we spoke about last moon. More of us are destined to make the leap, permanently, into these quantum fields. This next phase upon us will produce more radical shifts in our consciousness and will greatly reflect in our lives and lifestyles... go for it!

As we advance, let's make a serious effort to remain constantly focused on what we are becoming and to vision and dream our true, more authentic natures into existence. Nothing else matters right now, nothing. There is no where to go, nothing to do, nothing to get or want or need from the old paradigm as we have known and lived it. We are placing all of our focus on this birthing into the new reality of peace and harmony within, allowing the quantum field around us and source energy to sustain our every movement.

For more support on how to lock in this new quantum field, the mp3 audio support for this focus is a good one, delivered in profound simplicity that leaves so much to contemplate.



The Unified Field ...

is the Mother Creatrix,

the Zero Point Field of Unity Consciousness...

the Planetary Crystalline Grid is the Pathway! 



Shifting the Timeline

Through a


on where we want to go! 

There is building flurry and speculation on what's coming... even in the matter of a few weeks and months, all gearing up for the projected end of the Mayan Calendar now slated for October 28, 2011. Fear is again arising in the collective from all of the speculative summaries.

When we are awake to the illusion, it has no power over us. When we forget that it is an illusion, we give our creative power over to the story. The illusion creates our experienced reality, resulting in an entrapment. This can be applied to undesired timelines and focuses of energy playing out their final course. 
Children of the Sun Foundation profoundly feels that we, as a collective Group Soul,  are successfully accomplishing our mission by creating a new consciousness timeline. It exists and it is here and now. Many of us are living it and are starting the crossing over process very gracefully. Our task now is to ensure that we and the entire collective makes this quantum leap.

We are the bridge. We are assisting others on to and across this bridge into a new version of Earth's ascension, without the need to experience highly destructive, apocalyptic outcomes. As the path cutters, we are assisting others through the chaos of their own design by us, ourselves, crossing over into the new reality matrix. This creates a pathway right in the middle of the unleashing chaos while helping to transmute the illusions and the grid that is holding this game in place.

Together with the Masters of Light, our Group Soul carries and radiates the higher vision of the Immaculate Concept at all times. We know that others will attempt to distract our vision ever so cleverly by masking certain events that carry these highly destructive outcomes by saying they are part of the "Divine Plan". And we say this... no one person knows anything for certain. We can only be led by our faithful heart and our love for life. Anything that is produced, written or expressed that conveys any element of fear is not the vibrational attunement that we are upholding.

Choose Wisely

It is a personal choice which timeline and which matrix we choose to focus. Any destruction that many people are feeling to come soon could very well be an inner turmoil for those that cannot let go of the ego control. All is a reflection of where the consciousness is vibrating, especially in these times.

We are moving very fast now ... crossing over into the Mother Matrix and locking this into our being... to become the true Avatars. Some of us have a personal mission to give our physical bodies fully to the experimentation. We can only imagine that this is going to be a deeply intense yet exciting experience beyond our wildest dreams.

Let's keep focusing step by step, breath by breath. Right now it is upon this "locking in" process of the zero point quantum field now entering. For those who are feeling confused or a bit lost, please relax and know that there is no
thing to fear. We are together now. Stay with the Group and keep your focus on the Greater, and where you want to go. It is our commitment that no one will be left behind....

... our focus is Selfless Service in Love.

With Love from Children of the Sun Foundation


The Planetary Grid Transmissions

Monday, August 29

New Moon

"In this upcoming realm of the 6th Sun, you may serve 
as jaguar-shamans... but only if you master the night."

Entering the Mother Creatrix!

Locking in the Zero Point Quantum Field

~ Transmission from the Spirit of the Rainforest ~

This powerful feline is the Master of Thresholds, as above, so below. According to Mayan beliefs, the journey of the sun across the sky and the darkness of night represented the infinite journey of human consciousness and its transformations. The midday sun's position was compared to the Eagle, flying high in the sky, to then plunge below the horizon, just as we plunge into the dark to face our spiritual challenges and to be transformed. The hidden sun was said to be Jaguar, whose spotted skin represents the stars glittering/shining in the night sky. Hence it was called the "Jaguar Sun." The force that lives within the mountains, giving them their volcanic and transformative power, is the same underworld source of energy and power contained within the Jaguar Sun.

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