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08 January 2012

Full Moon - Grid Transmissions

Upcoming Grid Transmissions to Fire the 2012 Momentum 

Full Moon ~ Monday, January 9

Group Focus:

In this first Grid Transmission of 2012, we are giving vision to what we want to accomplish in 2012 and then programming that perfection of vision into the planetary Crystalline Grid. This becomes our blueprint of actualization for this powerful year of the physically manifested SHIFT.

Actualization of Group Avatar

In this year of 2012, our greatest relationship and priority, above anything else, is with God, as this Divine Presence reveals within our physical forms. Just like the Earth, we have record keeper crystals within our own body of matter, time coded and programmed with the template for our new Divine-Human Blueprint.

Most of us are missioned to transform our human genetics to hold a much greater level of light frequency with seemingly miraculous abilities to heal, transform and create spontaneously. Many of us are being impressed that this very year before us is pivotal in the greater activation of our DNA encodement which houses our greater abilities.

I AM Presence in Form

This Full Moon and from our group formation, we are initiating our Group Avatar Blueprint and its physical manifestation. This is the state of actualization in which the I AM Presence, the God Self, takes residence within our physical form as our personalities become one with the living forcefield of God.

Through our Full Moon grid unification, our interlocking energy matrix is the KEY that unlocks the codes to this new genetic programming.  It is this unlocking that fires our collective DNA, allowing us to absorb more light into our physical bodies.

All Planetary Light Servers Raised UP to the SAME level Vibration

Our focus in 2012 as an emerging Group Avatar is held upon the complete merger of our consciousness as ONE radiating Forcefield of Divine Love.  We are all of equal stature.

Beginning with this first moon transmission, we merge to become one vibration. We are calling for a group energy recalibration, so that all Planetary Light Servers are gracefully raised UP to the SAME LEVEL vibration and light quotient, as this is in alignment to the highest good of each soul.

We are setting into momentum a spontaneous raising our entire Group Body so that we remain untouched by any energy of a discordant nature. This then, initiates our path in 2012 as the "Untouchables", the perfect physical expression... healthy, ageless and invincible... a true Christ Harmonic.

Direct Cellular Communication

In order to support a more graceful assimilation of the Christed frequencies, we recognize the importance of bringing our focus to the physical cellular level. This involves direct communication with our I AM Presence, our own Body Elemental and with the living light intelligence within our cells.

They (our cells) will respond, because they are "programmed" to respond. As we speak to the living forces that make up our body with more regularity, consciously programming and awakening our cells to their full God Force potential, we can expect to experience more tranquility and stability throughout our entire multi-dimensional anatomy.

This practice of cellular communication will also bring us into more intimate connection with our Group Body's evolution and transformation, allowing us to attune to the ascending rhythms of the earth and cosmos with greater ease. Our gradual upgrade and complete transition into the crystalline harmonic will reveal to us the truer meaning of group coherence and unity consciousness.

Programming the Grid with Visions of the Immaculate Concept

We are visualizing our Group Avatar in the patterns of the Immaculate Concept and what this looks like as a physical manifestation. Some examples of this are telepathic communication, perfect health and cellular memory restoration as a result of greater light absorption. These examples are just the beginning!

To remember: 

- We are creator beings and, as we raise in vibration, our ability to manipulate physical matter, including our physical body, is increased.

- We can heal and create our bodies according to our beliefs, feelings, desires and visualizations.  This is now malleable substance!

- We can transfer our energy substance to anyone and everyone because we are all the same particles of energy.

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