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05 January 2012

The Planetary Grid Project 2007 - 2012

The Planetary Grid Project  
 Final Year for the Planetary Grid Transmissions! 

Every New and Full Moon, Solstice and Equinox 

Facilitated through the Children of the Sun Group Avatar  

thothThe cosmic consciousness referred to as Thoth, is a Divine Teacher known from key embodiments during the timelines of Atlantis (Thoth the Atlantean), ancient Greece (Hermes Trismegistus) and Egypt (Ibis/Scribe of Ma'at). In the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, he shares some  of the history of Atlantis and its highly developed civilization. One of the key roles Thoth played was in building an advanced Crystalline Grid System which allowed this civilization to advance very quickly in order to accomplish their human evolutionary goals. 

Many of us were a part of Thoth's forcefield of energy, helping to maintain this grid system in Atlantis which upheld our higher dimensional existence.
It was Thoth that came to Children of the Sun's founder, Tiara Kumara, in the vortex grids of Sedona, Arizona asking if the Foundation would take responsibility to coordinate a world wide project. Here he revealed the vision of the re-activated planetary Crystalline Grid and how this matrix of light, once completed, would be responsible for the raising of the entire planet and its race.

This holographic grid matrix which is also part of our own body temple, carries the ascension codes and foundational template for the New Earth Star and the unity consciousness programming of its new race.

Thoth explained that once this grid system was fully activated, a massive harmonic resonant field would be created to amplify the power of  light on Earth to such a degree that the resultant global shift in frequency will eliminate all conflict and destructive energy in our world. This influential forcefield would have the spontaneous capability to heal and transform the multitude, reaching into every corner of the Earth while simultaneously building an inter-galactic bridge. 
Thoth was most adamant in his request for the Planetary Grid Project to be coordinated for five full years2007 until 2012, with transmissions every new and full moon without fail. This, he said, would properly build the needed framework of Crystalline Grid power nodes, expanding grid networks, interdimensional Earth vortices and portals.

He conveyed how this far reaching program could potentially raise our beloved planet and the entire race through the building of a massive communications network able to connect the higher consciousness of humans worldwide. This coded crystalline energy grid system, empowers the impact of our collective intention and all the while building and raising a planetary merkaba and ascension field.
It is from Thoth's inspiration that we, as Children of the Sun, have successfully carried out this very instrumental part of the Divine Plan, now in its 5th and final year! 

Let's give 2012 all we've got!

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