All is well. You did not come here to fix a broken world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life. And if you relax a little and let it all in, you will begin to see the Universe present you with all that you have asked for.


12 December 2009

A Little Story by Billa

I had a friend who was entrenched in society, keeping up with social mores.. appearances etc.. quite disconnected from nature. Exhausted from trying to be a good mum and keep up with it all..

She had lived in Australia for 10 years at the beach but had never swam in the ocean.. oh I dont swim she told me.. within weeks of hanging out with me I had her skinny dipping in the rock pools and climbing the cliffs. I watched my friend become filled with life again and be lighter in her BEING as her attention shifted away from keeping up with the Joneses as we say here in Australia, and move towards a connection with nature..

One night after a moon circle on the beach, we were leaving the beach after the sun had set and I had specifically requested no torches or shoes be used through the bush track on the way back from the beach.. My friend had had a big emotional release during our circle and when we had to climb over the pebbles to get off the beach with no light, no shoes and uneven ground - she freaked out and couldn't go on! She just couldn't move.. she was shaking and stuttering!

I grabbed her and held her in my arms tight and whispered in her ear "I've got you, FEEL YOUR FEET TOUCHING THE GROUND. FEEL THEM - they ARE YOUR FEET touching the EARTH - she did that and calmed down slowly ..

Then I said "now breath through your feet and feel the power of the mother who loves you most of all. Just Breath it up through your feet and know that you are connected and you are loved and you are safe.. " She did! and her whole state changed and she burst into tears!!! I said "WELCOME BACK TO MOTHER NATURE - you have been missed...." and in that moment I knew that that was the most important gift I could ever share with anyone on this planet...

And so on we went through the bush in pitch black holding hands while I reminded everyone that NATURE is the last thing we need to be afraid of..

To read more please visit The Barefoot Revolution.

Thank you Billa!

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