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03 December 2009

Where is Your Space of Love?

Design by Anahata Katkin

Last week I went to the Space of Love book launch in Braga and met the lovely Joanne Gribler who is the publisher for the Portuguese version of The Ringing Cedars.  She was a single mom who worked as a clown (still does inbetween teaching laughter yoga and running a publishing house!) and after reading the first book in English, she was inspired, determined to find the resources to travel to Egypt and meet the author Vladmir Megré in his first international conference, which she did.  She then got the license to be the official publisher in Portugal and exhaustively searched for a translator.  She believes, without a doubt, that these books were the answer that humanity was waiting for. That in these books held the key to the cage of unconsciousness and the release of brainwashing that we were subjected to for thousands of years.

When I asked her about how she created her own space of love, she said that she was a single mother without a penny and just walked into a bank and said:

''Listen, my child needs home, do you give clowns a loan?''

They all laughed their heads off and gave her the loan. She pays very little every month and she built a geodesic dome in the garden where they sleep. And soon enough, she inspired other single mothers to do the same! And as soon as they had their land set up, along came a suitable husband for each one of them! She said that maybe the plants helped. She literally planted a cherry tree, kissed it and asked it to find her a husband!  Now she has a 1 year old son and her daughter turned 11.

She says that we're much more than we think and that in fact we are approaching more to what we define today as super heroes.  She also says that in our ignorance, we block our children's full potential by teaching them to evolve the same as we were brought up, only to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.
When Megré asked Anastasia what kept us from being like her & her people, she says, ''Parents.''  So it is now our job to find a way to raise our children without cutting their wings.

Where is your space of love? How can we live a life in abundance and quality? As we lose the earth beneath our feet and stand in a box of bricks belonging to the bank?

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  1. Great inspiration! Enjoy your time in Braga. If I manage to start and finish my book I need a publisher :)