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02 April 2010

Chemtrails and the Power of Intention

Please read this empowering story by my sister in spirit Serena, reminding us that we have the power within ourselves to transform anything on this planet, and in the sky.

 Chemtrails and the Power of Intention
by Serena

I have been watching chemtrails for a couple of years. Chemtrails can be seen in the sky as long lines of white trails that last from minutes to hours and often turn into wispy shapes from the winds dispersing the chemicals. These are not contrails, which are vapors that dissipate within seconds from a plane and form short lines from the plane. Chemtrails are long, and are streaked over the sky. They are poisons.

I first saw chemtrails when I was in Mt Shasta with a group of people intent on buying some land to form a community there.

One night I awoke early. It was still dark but I could see, through the glass doors, a streak going across the sky as I opened my eyes while sleeping on the floor. I instantly knew I was looking at chemtrails though I had not seen them much, maybe due to simply not looking up.

I showed my friend Chris and we watched them spraying all day. From then on I became aware of how much they were spraying. The lines were across the sky every day. The mood of the entire neighborhood was not good. It seemed difficult for people to be in good cheer. This was different from my visit there two years earlier.

Since then I’ve researched chemtrails, what they are, and gotten very upset about them. People often get sick within three days after spraying. This is added to deforestation, warring, animal husbandry, agriculture poisoning, nuclear creations, human trafficking and on and on. Now chemicals from the air.
One day recently while going for my morning walk here in Florida, with an otherwise clear blue sky which I could see for 360 degrees around, I saw one plane flying chems. It was surprisingly low as I could see clearly the wings, maybe flying around 30,000 feet. I was angry as I was walking to oxygenate my body…not take in poisons!!

I believe myself to be a Divine being and therefore powerful. In a state of this ”knowing” …in a moment of pure intention, and anger, I decided to erase the chem line and the plane from the sky. I put my hand up and I swiped my hand across the chem line and kept walking. I did not think of not being able to do this.

A second later I looked back up to find the chem line breaking up, which had just been a solid long line just a second ago. I found this interesting…and confusing. I followed the line to find the plane and I could not find it. I could see all around me being in a flat geographical area with only single story homes around and some palms…and I could not find the plane and the line was breaking up.
I looked to see if the planed turned, it did not. If it ascended, it did not. If it changed course, no. Because I could see the entire clear sky aside from this one trail and there was no plane anywhere before or after the line, nor anywhere else. It was gone.

I was confounded…and secretly delighted. I kept watching the skies, but nothing was there…nothing. I again experienced the power of pure intention as I have several times in my life.

In November 2009, I drove to Georgia from Florida to visit a friend, Burk. While driving to visit, I saw the streaks across the sky with seven planes simultaneously making lines. I was beside myself. I must be able to do something !! This was too much !

I know that I am a spiritual being powerful beyond belief. And that I can create. I know these things because I’ve seen what I can do at times. I decided to muster up what powers of change and creation I could in that moment.
I remembered wiping a plane and chemtrails out of the sky once before…I saw it !…and so I imagined I could do it again. I didn’t want to hurt the pilot/plane so I focused on the trails.

Looking at all the solid white lines, I began wiping the trails with my hand with all the power I could. In a few seconds, I saw each one of them begin to break up.

My intention was to make those chems inert substance….into nothing. I kept doing this during my drive, and I could see in my rear view mirror solid lines breaking up. I decided to have fun with this strange thing I was seeing for the rest of the drive. I was seeing it, and I kept it up. I just kept wiping my hand across the lines with intention to make them inert. I did this for hours. I saw them break up during the whole time. Something in me felt complete.

When I arrived at my friends, I could not help but tell him the story. He listened, and when I finished, he told me his story. Burk said he once was with a group and they were spraying there also. A woman was angry about them and began with her finger to wipe the lines from the sky with her intention. She showed Burk what she was doing and he began to do it also, and the lines began breaking up even more. The other people in the area were witnessing this, and they were showing them they could do this, and some began to break them up with the power of their intentions alone.

During my time with Burk, we would both break them up, and he could see them breaking up too. It’s real.

Burk reminded me that all things are energy, and energy reacts to energy, and so the energy from human thoughts would surely have an effect used with pure intent. This power is real. I have done it, and others have done it with chemtrails. We have the power within us to remove chemtrails and make them inert.

The only deterrent to this power is the individual not believing in their own ability.

I swear to you it works. Try it for yourself, and pass this on to as many people as you can.

We have the power within ourselves to transform anything on this planet, and in the sky.


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