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13 April 2010

Plant an Edible Ornamental Harvest Garden

This video uses the box gardening idea on a larger scale to create a 3 dimensional area, visually pleasing from every angle. The weeping Santa Rosa plum, easy to pick and dwarfs so they are in reaching range. He says to make sure to thin out a total of 4-6 inches of the growths so you can harvest 30 pounds of better quality fruit than 30 pounds of larger quantity which makes sense.

For example if you see a bunch of clusters on a branch, thin out all the small clusters to 1 or 2 fruit. Then 1 or 2 fruit every 4 - 6 inches. If a tree is vigorous and growing tall, it will need 'topping' which is cutting down the long branches in similar height (to about 8 feet) and then thinning out the center for light exposure, air movement, cutting away any weak or dead areas.

So much helpful information here! Inspiring to watch..

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