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05 April 2010

A New Seed

 In the center of Braga

A New Seed 

I awoke one fine morn' in my Space of Love,
And took a dawn's walk among morning mist and dew.
Father's gentle caress came by way of a soft breeze,
And I said, "What shall we create anew?"

Just then my feet gave way, shifting Earth first left then right,

Something glimmered and shined in the faint sun light,
As I moved closer in to examine this playful delight,
Lo' and behold a new seed came into view of my sight.

Tiny as a pine nut, fragrant as a flower, a new creation in hand!

"What will this be, oh Father dear?" I whispered as I cried.
Then a voice so gentle and so sweet as I had never heard,
Warmed my heart while my soul sighed.
"She shall be what you shall make her,
All is within you to create.
With pure love as your guide and pure thought as your maker,
You shall decide its fate."

Inspiration burst forth as I felt an image form,

A tree majestic as a maple I could see,
But its bark was of bamboo; maple leaves not the norm,
Instead lilies of the valley adorned this tree.

All summer long these flowers bloomed,

Their gorgeous fragrance filled the air.
And in the backdrop of an evening sky,
Each flower lit up as if a star so rare.

What sheer Joy this image created, a delight for every eye to behold.

And as I found a perfect place for it to grow,
The sun's rays warmed my new seed more precious than gold!

by Sister Liubomila O'Hanok

More of her poems can be found here in The Poetic Hearts section.

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