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17 June 2011

Content and Community First, Revenue Second

1. It's not about who has an idea but who can execute it.
There's a phrase that says, "There are no original ideas."  Also, a lot of mystics, saints and sages believe that all human beings are tapped into the "Universal Mind" and that we all have access to the same ideas and inspiration.  It's all about who is listening and who has the guts to pull it off.

Aaron Sorkin, the writer of "The Social Network," has said that no one knows the exact truth of what happened between Zuckerberg, the Winklevai and Saverin.  But the truth is in the outcome.  Facebook happened because Mark Zuckerberg had the chops, the confidence, the vision and the discipline to make it happen.   So if you have a big idea, you should know that you probably aren't the only one.   Your job is to get busy making it happen.  Look how fast Zuckerberg created and put Facebook online.  It wasn't years of slaving away; it was weeks of hard work to create the first version -- the most important weeks of his life.

2. Change can happen fast.

The phase "from idea to execution" doesn't have to be forever.  Zuckerberg is living proof that with enough vision, talent and hard work, you can change your life in the blink of an eye.   If you have an idea, don't wait on it.   Throw yourself into it.   Ideas, once executed, have a way of pulling you up out of your current circumstances and elevating you to a whole new level of living that you were never aware of before.  Enough lollygagging; start now.

Half of me understands why Eduardo Saverin's stake in the company was reduced when others' weren't.  The other half feels that Mark betrayed him as depicted in the film.   That being said, the guy did move to New York and stay in school as Facebook was blowing up. Mark took action.   He moved to Silicon Valley, dropped out and dove into his passion.   If I were Mark, I'd feel like my partner had abandoned me and that although he had contributed to the beginnings, he wasn't showing up when I needed him most.  The lesson here is that in any relationship, business or personal, if you want it to blossom, show up.  Your time, presence and attention are valuable commodities.

3. Figure out how to be of service.

Facebook's popularity and quick rise has nothing to do with Mark Zuckerberg's programming chops. He could have easily programmed a million different sites.   But the site he chose to program provided so much value to the users that the product sold itself through the strongest way possible: word of mouth.

Facebook unites us.   Facebook allows us to express ourselves.   It helps us keep in touch with the world and our loved ones.   Sometimes, Facebook even helps us get laid.

That's being of service.   If you want to rise in your business endeavor,  figure out how your product can solve problems and be of service.  This is the key to your success.  Everything else is just details.

4. Content and community first, revenue second.

--Mastin Kipp

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