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07 June 2011

When a Woman Finally Realizes~ her True Worth

~ When a Woman Finally Realizes~ her True Worth...!

"Deep with-in her, in the very depths of her Heart,
she will Swear to Finally be True to herself...

She will no longer Settle, for what was Once, (Just ~ 'OK')...

Ever so Slowly,
Thawing the [tightly-bound-ice] en-casing
Wrapped around her Fragile
and War-Torn Heart...

She becomes Completely Determined...
{ As One Possessed }
to Fully and Completely ~ Surrender to 'Self~ Love'... ♥

She can 'then' Become, what she was {Always} meant to Be...

Painfully at first,
she starts to 'Opening~ Up'...

Growing into the Beautiful flower that she always Dreamed ~
and 'Knew' that she ~ should, Could, and WOULD: Be... ♥

Her 'roots' borrow down, deeper and Deeper...
searching for;
and finally being filling with,
the fountain of Living Water
& Eternal LIFE...

Her Ancient Mysticism, pulls precious
Jewels & Priceless Pearls of Wisdom,
from an unfilled~ Barren & Cracked Soil...

Out of her Vulnerabilities, like an Eternal flame,
she realizes her Own ~ Source of ~
Sunshine on 'rainy' days...

And ever so gracefully she births Joy,
Love, Peace and Freedom,
into the Heart of her once weakened, mournful, and
down-trodden Soul...♥

~ When a Woman Realizes~ her True Worth...
She ~ Rejoices at Last!
The Sun being Risen,
the sleeper has Awoken...

and 'Is' no longer a voice- less Victim,
Suffering in plain view...

Her Scars are painful reminders of her past...
She releases the Emotional pain,
but Wears them Proudly...

Loving fearlessly; Without Attachment...
she is confident, that~
Deception & Manipulation will~
Never 'sway' her Again...!!!

Forever Renewed,
Alive with Hope, Dreams
and the Truth...
She will Never lie to herself again,
how things; 'weren't that bad',
or that she; 'didn't deserve Anything better'...

~ Now ~
she will 'Shine forth'
like a Million exploding Suns...
And She will ~
'draw unto her', One who is her
{ Equal in Love...}
And the man who
is ( Brave-Enough ) to Be by her side...

He Will ~ never ~ Ever ~
Over-shadow, Abandon or Betray her...
His respect and honor will be her crown
And she will save him,
with her loving embrace...

~ He will Constantly Shower
her with 'the'
Praise and Adoration~
that she has for 'Too Long'...
Been ~ [Wrongfully & Cruelly] ~ DENIED...!
& Yet... ~
{ Soo ~ Completely, & Utterly, 'Worthy Of'...! }

Gratefully, he will
cherish Each moment, that they
are together~ Yet, Always Giving
her room to Grow...

An Unconditional &
'All~ Consuming Empathy',
Truly: Listening and Talking from the Heart ~
with Honesty, Compassion & Gentleness...!♥!

Her 'Breath of Life',
Coursing through his Veins,
as he drinks Slowly& Deeply
from the Enchanted Well of her Heart...

His Mind
becomes Saturated
with her Sweetness,
like a balloon, filling with
the rarest of perfumes...

Ever so Gently and Lovingly, he will
Sing to her~
the 'almost lost' Sacred song
of Timeless Love...

Inspiring her to dance
with all her Heart, Might & Soul...!
Holding him Spellbound,
with her Beauty & Soul-full Gaze ~

Forever and Ever, night and day,
he will Suckle & Worship,
on the Sweet Nectar
of her Endless Beauty & Compassion...!

Together, they
Re-defining Forever,
Our Understanding of the ~
[ Deeply Hidden & Magical ] ~ 'Forgotten Secret'... That~

True ~ Freedom 'Is' Possible...!
{ 'With~ In' Being "In" LOVE... ! }

~ Then the Sun
will be Jealous...
And the Moon will hide out of Shame...
And the
Earth will cry out,
I am Saved...!

For Never has the Universe 'seen'
~ such a Glorious sight~
As these two ~ Angelic ~ Beings:

{ Soo Fear~ Less and Brave }

Opened ~ { All~ Out } ~ Innocent & Defense- Less ~

Madly 'In~ LOVE' while Be-ing, Totally Selfless & Free...♥

Completely Inspiring & Redeeming All of humanity...

Leading the Entire Universe~ into

Un-told Joy, Peace & Love...♥

Forever and Ever, Establishing a 'New Area' of~

Prosperity, LOVE & Enlightenment for All...!"

© ~ Francis D Griffin

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