All is well. You did not come here to fix a broken world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life. And if you relax a little and let it all in, you will begin to see the Universe present you with all that you have asked for.


27 June 2011

Planetary Service ~New Moon Solar Eclipse~

Personal Support  ~   Planetary Service  

New Moon Solar Eclipse  
Friday, July 1 


Times: Sydney 8 pm, India 8 pm, Paris 8 pm, New York 9 pm

Personal Sessions of Support

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  • High Frequency Light Transmissions through the planetary Crystalline Grid,  also referred to as the Universal Matrix of Divine Union.

  • This energy works with your specific soul inspired intentions for personal healing and transformation as this is aligned to your highest good.
  • Our Light Transmission Team consists of more than 2,000 facilitators who have all registered to help raise our family of the Sun.  

The light streams of the New Moon Eclipse initiates deep purification  and more tangible preparation of our body to house multidimensional consciousness from the foundation of "physical body" integration.

For those needing extra support, our Light Transmission Team  is ready and comes to you as One Group Body... and the tangible points of light transmission from the Planetary Crystalline Grid. We invoke and then simply allow ourselves to be used as Divine Conduits in a mass activity of energy transference.... for stabilization and the swift clearing of all that is releasing, transmuting, transforming. 

This is a session of direct energy transference and is set into momentum through your commitment and intention to receive and then to make necessary life changes. 

We are all being raised... exponentially... and this acceleration will continue to get faster and faster. We must keep pace and stabilize with the Earth! 

The suggested energy exchange is a love donation
or "pay it forward" for those who are economically challenged.

Planetary Service

During the Planetary Grid Transmissions
New Moon Solar Eclipse ~ July 1

In Cooperation with the Sacred Earth Element  
and the Evolutionary Forces of Nature


The Earth Element:
Renouncing Materialism 


Building the Cosmic Pressure and Wielding Sacred Fire
to Corporations and the Elitist Factions of Influence

This new moon, we join together once again to serve as a physical invocation instrument and divining rod for the descent of Sacred Fire. We first travel into the Ascension Seat at the Earth Core to undergo a recalibration of our physical body energy system to be in alignment with Earth's ascending pulse.
We will then serve as a human invocation instrument for the descent of Sacred Fire into the energy behind the crimes against humanity and the Earth, especially as this concerns corporations and commerce and greed driven, selfish motives.

We are requesting Divine Intervention for support towards immediate reformation to establish systems of command that support shared value, equality and Humanity's highest Divine Potential. We have all played the corporate game, either as manipulator or the ones being manipulated. We are simply changing the timeline and decoding the new race genetics and New Earth codes of creation.

Choose a Transmission Focus for your Country.  

Please download the Mp3 well in advance of Grid Day.  

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