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14 June 2011

Water Karma

There is some old karma around water that needs to be attended to.

Water in its primal form is a mirror to human consciousness and can be whatever the dreamer perceives. It is the medium that Consciousness forms to make the realities we all live. Water is Life itself. Without water, Earth would resemble Mars.

I have been studying water for a long time, not only its possible natures within the human body but also possible applications of water to help heal our planetary situation. Knowing this central position of water to the Mandala of Life, all research was performed with understanding of the sacredness of this medium to All Life Everywhere.

Most of this research has completed itself by a resulting understanding or experience. But some of this research has not completed itself.

So here in this article I will attempt to lay on the table, to the best of my ability, what we have now found and believe to be true about water, and some of the applications that have been suggested. These subjects are the ones you have been asking about.

And although we may be wrong on our conclusions — that is for you to decide — this discussion will hopefully give you a point of reference for your own study of water. And if study is your desire, we suggest that you look to Victor Schauberger and his primary book, Living Waters. His understandings are invaluable to a true exploration of water.

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