All is well. You did not come here to fix a broken world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life. And if you relax a little and let it all in, you will begin to see the Universe present you with all that you have asked for.


25 June 2011

Specialized Planetary Service Continues

Specialized Planetary Service Continues...

June 1 - July 15, 2011  
maltese 50 

In cooperation with:

The Realms of Illumined Truth

The Arcturian Starship Fleet

The Evolutionary Forces of Nature 

We continue into highest sacred service during this potent eclipse-solstice season which pulses intensified radiation of cosmic and solar rays to dramatically transform human consciousness, societal systems and infrastructure.   
Please Join Us    

for Grid Transmissions on New Moon Solar Eclipse: July 1 

It feels as if the Earth is spiraling through a wormhole of blinding light as she makes explosive passage into a new polarity setting... and, it's all happening within us! With these highly potent, jaw dropping June energies, we are learning a lot about our own vibration as it meets this very determined transforming light.

We are easily thrown off our axis and our center point is no where to be found. Thoughts flip flop and emotions can be quite erratic. Everything concealed is surfacing, especially from a physical perception. As we wobble in our density, some of us are feeling mentally spun and we find ourselves out of body; not knowing quite how to get back in. We have to continually ground by sleeping or constantly touching the Earth. Clutter, idle chatter, machines and "too much stuff" feels like the dinosaur age.

This is unequivocally one of, if not the biggest frequency upgrades that we have taken as a collective. It is astounding how many people are unplugging, selling everything and packing the rest, yet without the slightest idea where to move.

Simply speaking, the Earth is constantly shifting upon her axis and recalibrating daily to her new energy vortices. She is aligning her tilt to receive the fullness of the cosmic rays that enable absorption into the vacuum of magnetic pull. We are no different. Our electrical system is constantly upgrading to be in sync with the Earth as she progressively makes the axiatonal* shift into the new spin points of "New Earth". To birth our new form, we are shaking off the density; not only that which is housed within our consciousness, but also physically.

The more density that the Earth has to spin off, the more severe the planetary wobble and earth changes. Likewise, the greater the density that we carry, the greater is our own disorientation during these accelerating times. It's all about stability now and we do know the solution.... GET LIGHTER!

Renouncing Materialism

We now enter, as a collective, into the Initiation of the Great Renunciation. We are loosening and releasing everything that binds us to the material world so that that our greatest focus of energy is stabilized with organic nature.  We are placing great emphasis on the purity of daily living and walking the path of simplicity to prepare the way for the greater light (Christ Consciousness) to emerge.

This renunciation is not an act of nobility. This is a critical step we all must take to shed the density and to help stabilize our body of matter with the Earth.  As Crystalline Grid programmers, we are also setting into momentum the absolute necessity for integrous, simplistic and sustainable living. We are planting the seeds that less is more... and we are walking our talk!

Stabilization is found within the crystalline frequency and from impeccable group formation. We are now making transition to solely communicate with the intelligence of the Crystalline Grid matrix. There is little to communicate within the material world and its porous foundation of false perception.

We are renouncing materialism. We are cleansing. We are in a grand sweep of all that collects the dust.
We are purging not only the closets but the filing system, the garage, the cupboards and the body vehicle. We are giving away everything that is meaningless to this mission of ascension.

"2011 is the eleventh year of the New Millennium. Eleven is the master number that reflects the transformation of the physical into the Divine. It is the perfect frequency of vibration for the final  preparations that are necessary in order to strengthen the body of Mother Earth and the bodies of Humanity, so that we can withstand the influx of Light that will occur in 2012."

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
 Clean and Strengthen the Body

Begin now to prepare your body to receive nourishment from Source as we withdraw from the crumbling matrix of materialism. During this New Moon, we highly recommend starting internal cleansing and major housekeeping on all levels; lightening up on what we are consuming materially and especially what we are putting into our bodies.

As multi-dimensional beings, supported through the Crystalline Grid, we have limitless access to a source of internal nourishment that is always available to us by just intending and focusing on the matrix grid of life. This crystalline pranic stream provides the life force fuel for our existence and acts as a type of glue to bind our creations and help with our manifestations. As we nourish ourselves upon this grid, we bring more and more Grace into our lives!

If we neglect our personal cleansing and purification of density, we continue to be challenged by the outer world as dense matter struggles to process light frequencies of increasing vibration. Our brain wave patterns stagnate in the Beta energy pulse and our lives go through the normal ups and downs of existence until eventually it will be too intense to deal with and the physical system will break down. We MUST start much greater purification now!

Cleansing and Purification Support Group
on the Children of the Sun Team Mission Site

This is a support group for cleansing and purifying the physical vessel as we prepare to ascend into a light body of minimal density. Includes support for our transition to Pranic Living and receiving nourishment from Source. link to group