All is well. You did not come here to fix a broken world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life. And if you relax a little and let it all in, you will begin to see the Universe present you with all that you have asked for.


01 July 2011

New Moon Eclipse ~ Grid Transmissions ~


Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation  

The Planetary Grid Transmissions
New Moon ~ Solar Eclipse ~ Friday, July 1 

 With unified meditation, receiving and transmitting
during 4 synchronized times:  

Sydney, Australia: 8 pm
Country of India: 8 pm
 Paris, France: 8 pm
New York, USA: 9 pm

for Grid Transmissions on New Moon Solar Eclipse: July 1  



To all Pla
netary Light Servers,
Grid Transmitters and Receivers,
Geo Light Teams and all Group Formations

Have you cleaned your closets, beloved Light Team?  Have you swept the cobwebs of materialism from your life so that you may enter this next Great Initiation pure and cleansed in all ways? Just as the New Moon eclipses the Sun on July 1st, our Earth conjuncts the Grand Cardinal Cross and Sirius in the heavens...and the fireworks begin!  

As we detach from our materialistic patterns of the past and embrace a more sustainable approach to living harmoniously on the Earth, it is essential that we use our expanded awareness to raise our fellow brethren in the Natural Kingdoms along with us.  

Years of mistreatment and abusive tendencies must be cleared from the Earth's memory if we are to enter into a co-creative relationship with the Evolutionary Forces of Nature that is based on reverence, trust and harmlessness. Every mineral, plant and animal is on an evolutionary path back to Source ... on a journey towards achieving self-realization, a direct mirror of our path towards God realization! It is our role and privilege as Planetary Light Servers in human vehicles to act as conduits to bring forth the most appropriate cosmic energies to support them on this sacred sojourn back to Father-Mother God. 
We are now called to invoke the Devic forces responsible for the physical manifestations of all Natural life forms to offer our heartfelt forgiveness for all human trespasses against the wellbeing of the collective Earth consciousness. Through this liberating expression of Divine Love and Mercy, we can build a Rainbow Bridge between our respective Kingdoms and live joyfully in co-creative harmony as one Group Avatar. 

Let us now invite each infinitely patient mineral and majestic tree to absorb and radiate the Sirian Light Codes of the Divine Plan and support our ascending planet. Additionally, we request the Overlighting Devas of each species and geographical kingdom to inspire all of their neighboring elemental brothers and sisters to do the same!
As we harness the power of our attention and place it on the liberation and ascension of the lower kingdoms, we will raise the planetary vibration with the divine influx of energy from the Great Central Sun allowing for a swift and graceful entrance into the Golden Age.

Blessings, Children of the Sun!   


corp respon
    Corporate Responsibility Here and Now!

Choose a Transmission Focus f
or your Country 

Wielding Sacred Fire to Corporations, Monopolies and Elitist Factions of Control

All current and planned activities
All responsible people, companies and positions of influence      

You may choose specific industries  such as... 

Food Industry (mass production and consumer manipulations)
Pharmaceutical Corporations 
Medical Industry
Technology including computers and cell phones
Science and Research
Mass Media
Educational Institutions