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03 July 2011

2012 Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge by José Arguelles Part 1 of 2

Part 1*
0:00 - 1:17 Spiritually unify and coordinate ourselves telepathically all over the planet with a common goal.

1:18 - 1:48 A visualization of the circumpolar rainbow bridge
1:49 - 2:03 Rainbow bridge follows the form of the Earth electromagnetic radiation belts
2:04- 2:20 The Noosphere and the PSI bank
2:21 - 3:34 VISUALIZATION of and brief summery of the PSI Bank, Psi Bank plates, and Mayan code glyphs

3:35 - 4:55 VISUALIZATION and summery of a Membrane, membranes of an eukaryotic cell ,physical plane, spiritual, astral, etheric planes, Earth's spheres, Earth radiation and magnetic belts

4:56 - 5:40 The colors; protons and electrons
5:41 - 6:20 Supernova 1987A
6:21 - 7:00 Sunspot Cycles
7:01 - 7:26 Sundogs
7:27 - 8:23 José and about 144 people in Chile experiment with the new times to produce rainbows in the sky

8:24 - 8:43 Example to medicine man who creates rain
8:44 - 9:04 Telepathically stretch the aura borealis and the aurora australis, to connect at the Equator, creating a rainbow bridge from pole to pole

9:05 - 9:36 Crop circle in 2000 depicting the earths electromagnetic field
9:37 -10:00 Prophecies of the rainbow bridge, Norse prophecies of Odin, Native American prophecies

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