All is well. You did not come here to fix a broken world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life. And if you relax a little and let it all in, you will begin to see the Universe present you with all that you have asked for.


02 July 2011

Message from Mother Earth~*

Remain close to earth..all is not from Love & Light, there is the dark forces amongst you Light Workers.

Take FOCUSED action, reveal the TRUTH to the masses..

Spread Light substance in the form of sacred fire which is Pure cosmic pressure on the forces of darkness.


You are given:

a Crown of Creation, a living symbol of sacred sovereingty to speak and act on behalf of Earth with full cooperation of the elemetal kingdom to work in tandem with you..

a septor to hold firm in your grasp, a rod of power to call forth a wield power into all condition of harmful intent..

seamless robe of Light giving you invisible protection to fulfill your mission.

Rise up, go into the world, and declare the truth to all.  Speak with authority and command your freedom, reclaim your planet.

As One heart pulse I Am with you always.

-Mother Earth

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