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18 October 2009

The Beginning of the Rest of Our Lives

Photo: Shelly Sage Heart

I recently got a hold of The Ringing Cedars series and it swept my head clear of all the confusion that I allowed in my life.  It also confirmed a lot of things that I felt growing up and I remembered events from the past with a certain resolve.  And now for the future of my little ones I am eagerly making the necessary changes to transform our way of living.

I have a vision of a certain piece of land that has 2 natural springs on it and enough space for a permaculture food forest to sustain about 15 people I guess.  2 homes and a guest cottage so friends can fly in, 'graze' in my garden and soak in the nature, a swimming pool and a storage barn to the other side.  I also see on the land a chicken coup so that I can have organic eggs and 2 beehives on one corner of the land surrounded by wild flowers & clovers.

I sketched out various drafts all thanks to Anthony's example and enthusiasm about permaculture and a raw way of life.  If it wasn't for discovering his blog, I wouldn't have started this journey myself or gone back to raw foods like I was on when I was modeling in another lifetime.  (Having children was like having a free pass to birthday parties galore and I sort of indulged in almost every junk food out there, forgetting the raw way of eating.) Going back to my sketches, I will eventually concretize them with an architect and book the listed building company to build 2 modern homes with solar panels and a swimming pool.  The end result is 90% crystal clear in my mind and I am overjoyed with how everything is materializing one by one.

I even enlisted Isaura who has worked for my in laws for 20 years to live with us in a few years and manage my boys and the household help since I will be traveling a lot.  She is solid as a rock and not too far from a type of woman that Anastasia is.  My kids adore her and this is just one of the many blessing in my life. 

I am constantly humbled and in awe of Life and all it's gifts!

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