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29 October 2009

The Ultra Modern Drop House

This is it!  I found it!! The winner of the Algeco design contest.  I got very excited because it was the closest thing to what I was dreaming about.

''The houses are made with one central space that serves like a satellite from which the other components are extended like drawers. These “drawers” are actually small units with varying volumes that serve as other rooms, and include the kitchen, entryway, bathroom and two others. The nice thing about the drop house is that while these extensions can be added to the original assembly, the house can also be closed up into one contained unit. This makes it easy to lock it up when you’re away for extended periods of time and easy to transport it while staying within the limits of the road gauge!'' --3Darchitectes

Now I just need this design infused with the environmentally friendly Ecopod and I'm set!

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