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14 October 2009

A Squirrel's Paradise

Today we spent the entire afternoon in a special place overlooking the city below. What a jewel of a place!  I would compare it to Bavaria, in respect to the architecture and landscape; even the culture and mentality of the people are remarkably distinct from the rest of this tiny country.

When we got out of the car we came across acorns and chestnuts scattered abundantly below the trees and I thought, ''A squirrel's paradise!'' I felt so much joy and gratitude to be here that I didn't even mind my kids slipping on acorns and falling down, getting dirty within 2 minutes of exiting the car.

This place is famous for its botanical gardens in the heart of the lush, green Minho region and there were pine trees, chestnut trees, dandelion weeds and aloe vera all over the forest. Raw foodist's can surely sustain themselves here if needed.  And there was some kind of exotic fruit tree growing next to the hotel located by the grotto but I couldn't figure it out. I will go back and ask the Hotel tomorrow.

It's absolutely amazing here and it is only now that I see the abundance of this special place. Now that my head is clear and I have 2 boys to navigate through this world. My spirit has already left our ritzy tourist town filled with the diplomatic communities, the nouveau riche, the retired, and misguided village idots. Well, they are everywhere but I want to be as far away as possible.

This place also has natural springs flowing continuously and the water was so sweet and alive compared to my regular Brita filtered water.  What a huge difference.

I got to spend some quiet time on a boat with my oldest son while the little one was napping. My oldest knows how to row the boat now but we floated silently on the lake for the most part, enjoying the sunlight peeking through the branches of leaves, caressing us throughout the afternoon. It was a splendid day!

And imagine, living only 5 minutes away from here. I just have to find some squirrels to let loose in this forest and I'll be set!  What a gift!

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