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21 October 2009

No More Nature?!? Then No More Cafés!!!

It's suppose to rain all week and my kids have had it, hanging out at various cafes while mother in law chit chats with her friends.  On the other hand, my in laws are nauseated with the idea of going into nature for the rest of this year!

Everyday, either I or my kids ask to go to what I call a squirrel's paradise which is only a 10 min. drive from their flat.  When I finally move into that certain piece of land, I will be jogging or hiking up to this place and spend some hours being at one with nature.  Then I might stop by the cafe outdoors or inside one of the hotels for a drink (other than the natural spring water that flows freely) and lose myself in a nice book.  Speaking of books,  The Ringing Cedars Series is a must for the entire population on this planet.  It's amazing how much of it I have retained and my mind is exploding with more ideas and plans for the near future.

I now think it's ideal to take the alpha train down south on the weekends to see up to 3 clients per weekend.  It will also be a perfect escape from my kids and their never ending demands and I will get to see some friends and let my mouth hemorrhage with the English language since I don't get to speak it anymore in the north except with my kids. 

I am blessed to have so many clients call upon me to do their family portraits.  Every time I do a shoot I get a chance to record a moment in their lives for them to share with their loved ones, and to pass on to future generations.  I have yet to update my little site though.  With so many beautiful templates out there I cannot choose just one.  But simple is best, so maybe I won't change a thing.

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