All is well. You did not come here to fix a broken world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life. And if you relax a little and let it all in, you will begin to see the Universe present you with all that you have asked for.


31 October 2009


I was diagnosed with degenerative spondylosis while living in L.A. and after 4 months of intensive chiropractic treatment at a sports rehab center, I left feeling broke spiritually & financially.  I lived with continuous pain for the next 4 years, still frequenting various chiropractors and massage therapists to manage the pain, all the while cursing my previous years of living in high heels and exercising at the gym 6 days a week while experimenting with various diets that were not sound or balanced; all of which I believe helped to destroy my spine.  I searched for various ways to free myself from the pain and one night, stumbled upon this site and put in a prayer request.  I asked for a complete healing on my cervical vertebrae, believing that my request would be lost in a virtual mailbox filled with a million other prayer requests. 

That night, as I was ready to fall asleep, I found myself suddenly very alert, with a warm, almost burning sensation in my throat area.  It didn't hurt but felt unusually soothing and it stirred me up quite a bit as it continued for a while and then I eventually fell asleep.   The next morning I rushed to my computer and found this email from ''Micheal'' in New Zealand.

Dear Aiko,

Greetings and it is my pleasure to be of Service to you!   Thank you for your request for Spiritual Healing and I extend my heartfelt compassion to you over the challenges you are experiencing with your health at the present time.

Briefly, the process of Spiritual Healing works through my creating a threefold energetic connection with you as the recipient, myself as a facilitator and conduit, and the Absolute Godhead, who carries out healing for the highest good according to Divine Will.   It has been indicated that you are to receive healing on a daily basis over the next 12 weeks which commenced on 11/10 continuing to 03/01/04 and I trust you will soon feel some improvement in your situation.   On completion of this cycle, let me know how you are doing.

It is good that you are taking responsibility for your own process of self-healing, for healing takes place to the degree that you are ready and willing to be healed.   Stay anchored in the truth of your Divine Being knowing that you are A PERFECT ETERNAL EXPRESSION OF THE SOURCE IN EACH NOW MOMENT.   Stay positive and embrace all fears and anxieties through the Love vibration of the Heart so they may be transmuted back to Light and Healed.

I will send you some further information, tools and affirmations to assist you with your process of self-healing and transformation.

NAMASTE and blessings of Love and Peace,

                                                    13 Oct. 2003 

So that was what was going on in bed last night!  I kept this email for 6 years, remembering the extraordinary event that had happened to me starting the night before the above date.  I read the email over a few more times and then sat down on the sofa facing a huge window and watched the sunlight streaming in.  I felt vibrant and whole, really at peace and everything seemed to sparkle around me.  I literally felt 20 years younger and felt joy in my entire body. I felt like I had a new skeleton! 

I also noticed something in the sunlight that I never noticed before.  There were sparkling rainbow hues flickering in the sunlight streaming near me.  I sat on the floor to get closer and the energies around me made me feel like I was at a joyous celebration.  I was literally surrounded by a pure and vibrant light.

At this time of my life I did not know what reiki was and believed anything like this was just another new age fad or movement leading people astray from the Light.  Looking back I now know that what I had received was a distant reiki healing from a very powerful healer who was doing some charity work through the website.
This renewed feeling stayed with me for about 9 months.  I was physically active again and pain free but I did not grasp the meaning of  ''Stay anchored in the truth of your Divine Being knowing that you are A PERFECT ETERNAL EXPRESSION OF THE SOURCE IN EACH NOW MOMENT''  until today.  My mind couldn't digest it at all even after years of reading various books on enlightenment or the notes and exercises he emailed me the following day.  I let myself get distracted with the surge of this new found energy and the demands of adapting to a new country that was radically different from where I came from. 

Today, after recovering from the two pregnancies, I feel my skeleton has readjusted back to where it was suppose to be  and I feel whole and vibrant again.

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