All is well. You did not come here to fix a broken world. The world is not broken. You came here to live a wonderful life. And if you relax a little and let it all in, you will begin to see the Universe present you with all that you have asked for.


23 October 2009

Another Reason Why We Need to Move

Photo: Javhlan

Me:  ''Hi Victor!  David said that he no longer needs his tricycle and that we should save it for his cousin Adi because Kenzo is getting too big for it.  Isn't that sweet?  He thought of this all on his own!''

Victor:  ''So sweet..tell him Adi says thank you and that uncle Vicor sends a big hug and kiss.  Do you want me to send you anything?''

Me:  ''Oh thanks, but no thanks, we don't need anything.''  (I lied because I didn't want my brother to pay a fortune on shipping and I another fortune on import tax. )

David:  (in deep in thought before saying)  ''Tell uncle Victor I want a Porsche and a red Mercedes.''

Victor & I:  ...silence...

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