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21 October 2009

Nanotechnology & The Siberian Glades

I am concerned about next years opening of the University of Nanotechnology MIT in this city.  There are already over 800 consumer products made with nanomaterials (those manufactured at the scale of atoms and molecules) and not even the world's leading nanoscientists knows what nanoparticles do inside the body or in the environment!

Here's an excerpt from the Organic Consumers Association:

'Nanotechnology, a fast-growing global industry, is essentially unregulated. Advocates and independent scientists agree that we need to get ahead of the risks before it's too late. Some call for a moratorium on the riskiest nanoproducts. Some say we just need more research, and more protection for workers in the meantime. All are worried about unleashing a powerful new technology that could have vast unintended consquences. Nanomaterials are in food, cosmetics, clothing, toys and scores of other everyday products. Yet when it comes to trying to get a handle on them, we can't answer the most basic questions. What companies are using nanomaterials, and where? What kinds, and in what amounts? How much of the potentially hazardous stuff is escaping into the air, water and soil? Into our food and drinks? Nobody knows.

"You're producing a personal cloud of exposure," Paul Lioy warned. "Every time you breathe. Every time you move. If the materials you're wearing have [nano]materials that can be released, they will be released. It's basically the Pig-Pen effect.


Information like this make me want to run deeper in the woods & never look back.  Maybe relocating to the Siberian glades is not a bad idea after all.

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