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23 October 2009

Gnosis Chocolate

I recently discovered Raw Chocolate Girl Vanessa who is the creator of Gnosis Chocolate.  She says, ''Our chocolate is made fresh daily by hand with love. It does not touch a single machine but is made by loving oompa loompas who care not only about flavor, but for your health! When we ship, it comes directly from our kitchen and is never warehoused for freshness!''

 I looked up the term Gnosis in Wikipedia and found this:

Gnosis (from one of the Greek words for knowledge, γνῶσις) is the spiritual knowledge of a saint[1] or mystically enlightened human being. In the cultures of the term (Byzantine and Hellenic) gnosis was a special knowledge or insight into the infinite, divine and uncreated in all and above all,[2] rather than knowledge strictly into the finite, natural or material world which is called Epistemological knowledge.[3] Gnosis is a transcendential as well as mature understanding.[4] It indicates direct spiritual experiential knowledge[5] and intuitive knowledge, mystic rather than that from rational or reasoned thinking. Gnosis itself is obtained through understanding at which one can arrive via inner experience or contemplation such as an internal epiphany of intuition and external epiphany such as the Theophany.

I was intrigued and tickled pink at the same time, ready to place my order, only to discover that Germany had the closest shop near me.  With shipping and tax on top of the premium prices, I quickly let go of ever tasting this indulgence and I never believed that I could make anything like this.

Days and weeks passed by as I sampled various dark chocolates from different countries only to be left with a stronger desire for Gnosis chocolates, the most nutritious chocolate in this world.  My imagination went off on a tangent as the most extraordinary images and ideas unraveled in my head (in one of them I was swimming in Gnosis chocolate) and then *poof*!   It came to me.  Why not try to create my own version of this mystically enlightened chocolate?!?  I had access to all the ingredients and the desire to do so!

I scoured the internet and after cross referencing a bunch of raw chocolate recipes, I came up with this formulation:

.5 cup organic powdered cocoa
1 cup cacao butter, melted
1 tspn. maca powder

.5 cup organic raw cashews
sweetener to taste: raw honey with bee pollen
1 vanilla bean
a sprinkle of blue green algae
cacao nibs

Warm the cacao butter and combine the first 3 ingredients and a sweetener with a spoon and pour into a silicon mold tray of your choice while still warm.  Sprinkle in goji berries, nuts, dried cherries or whatever you like on top or below the chocolate and set in the freezer for a few minutes.   

And thank you Vanessa for the inspiration!

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  1. Thank you so much for this post and for your wonderful words! How did the chocolate you made turn out!? I'd love to see if we can't get some chocolate out to you at a more reasonable shipping cost! Email me :)